Industry Shoutout: Ride Concepts highlights its “Badass Women on Bikes”


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Are you wondering who the riders behind Ride Concepts are? Meet her in this cute staff tribute movie.

For the past month, Ride Concepts featured photos, stories, and highlight roles about various women while mountain biking. “At the end of May, we decided that the best way to complete our # SheRidesEveryDay feature is to give an inside look at the women at Ride Concepts,” the company said.

Driving concepts is a Reno, Nevada-based corporate cycle shoe store owned by rider. And driver-owned means their employees have extra know-how and are excited about the shoes they make.

“As women who work and play in the outdoor industry, there’s more to it than image or girl talk. It’s a feeling, it’s support, it’s camaraderie. It gathers and it comes after, ”wrote the female staff.

Some of the women on the Ride Concepts staff.

“For me, you can’t film a lot of the juicy things about mountain biking because they are felt and not seen,” says Anne Cahill, who is on duty.

“As a woman of color, I’ve always felt like a minority in most of the industries I’ve worked for. I believe that if we continue to have more female role models in the industry, it will encourage more of us – like me – not to be afraid to be part of this industry, ”added Ana Rodriguez, who works in accounting .

So if you are in search of radical inspiration from women Cycles, look no further.

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