Infallible items at killer costs: Our choice from Filson’s annual winter gross sales

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Filson throws off its annual winter sale for envious gear. We did the grunt trying to find the best deals.

And if you want to read through yourself, Come to the brand Winter sale “As soon as possible,” as Michael Scott would say. The size selection is beginning to dwindle.

The offers below still have many options available. Get them while they’re hot!

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Top Gear from Filson’s Sale

Featherweight Down Jacket – Women: $ 210 (50% off)

Filson down jacket for women in featherweight

This jacket is my current winter winner. And my friends, I’m telling you you need it. Being in this sustainable down cocoon is like wearing a sleeping bag and looking more stylish in the process than anyone has seen during the entire COVID epidemic. For $ 210 it feels like a real bargain. Got it. Now.

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Camo Cruiser Vest – Men: $ 100 (63% off)

Filson men's camo cruiser vest

I long for the cruiser vest. And this award deserves a kiss from the chef. This camouflage vest is part of a collaboration with Mossy Oak and is reminiscent of old hunting days. Nevertheless, it remains technically in the now. A multitude of pockets allow easy access and hand-warming fleece refuge, while canvas and sustainable down protect the hunter from the elements. Win win.

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Heavy Duty Twill Bag: $ 95 (51% off)

Robust twill bag

The simple design of Filsons Rugged Twill Tote makes it an everyday workhorse that can take you from work to a night on the town or your next flight. The sturdy design makes for a long-lasting all-rounder. And outside pockets facilitate access.

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Western Flannel Shirt – Men: $ 65 (51% off)

Filson men's western flannel shirt

This medium-weight Filson flannel is practically the uniform of the Mountain West. Cowboy-friendly styling offers freedom of movement and two available colors offer variety at a great discount.

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Cascade Wool Scarf: $ 60 (52% off)

Filson Cascade wool scarf:

Real wool still trumps everyone. And this gorgeous scarf doubles as a moisturizing neck warmer and adds a little flair to your winter look. Plus, it makes for a fabulous gift. And I’m not going to tell the Fifteen about the selling price if you don’t.

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Kadin Island Shirt – Women: $ 50 (60% off)

Filson Women's Kadin Island Shirt

Even if traveling to the islands is forbidden at the moment, it does not necessarily have to be that you let yourself into the island. Wear this airy cotton shirt for zoom meetings or daiquiris on the couch with your favorite cuddle buddy.

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