Inside denies all LWCF initiatives proposed by New Mexico

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Following the passage of the Great American Outdoors Act, which provided ongoing funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), wildlife and conservation advocates in New Mexico were shocked to learn that every single project the Home Office made for LWCF- Fund proposed was rejected.

Founded in 1965 by Congress to support public land management with offshore oil and gas fees, the LWCF received $ 900 million annually under the Great American Outdoors Act, which was passed by Congress and signed into law by Donald Trump in August has been. It was only the second time since its inception that the program has been fully funded.

After the election, the Trump administration’s support for the LWCF appears to have dried up. The administration delayed Congress about a week late with a priority list of projects from across the country. The law gave the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Agriculture 90 days to come up with a list of projects to be funded by the LWCF in fiscal year 2021.

The USDA list includes projects that would add land to the National Forest Service, which is under the USDA. The Home Office’s list includes LWCF projects that would add land to the Land Management Bureau, Fish and Wildlife Service, and State Parks. A draft list of proposed projects was prepared in April in support of the legislation.

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