Italy’s new coast to coast mountaineering path is filled with mountains and seashores to find

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The Italian region of Calabria is marked by two seas with mountains and beaches in between. And now a new trail has opened for hikers to explore Calabria from coast to coast and experience the breathtaking nature for which it is known.

The Kalabria Coast to Coast Trail connects the town of Soverato on the Ionian Sea with the town of Pizzo on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The trail is approximately 34 miles long and features a range of scenery and difficulty levels from medium to medium high so that people of different abilities and levels of sportiness can enjoy it.

The trail was created by the Kalabria Trekking Association to create an “Emotional and Sensory Journey” into the heart of Calabria where hikers can discover the area’s local traditions and more. There is a variety of flora and fauna along the way for nature lovers to observe, while history buffs will appreciate Calabria’s past as part of Magna Graecia and give the region more than a millennium of history and culture to learn about.

The coast-to-coast route of Calabria is divided into three main stops, each with an average of almost 19 km. Hikers can contact Kalabria Trekking Volunteers by phone in case they need assistance at any point during their trip. Tourists are also encouraged to check-in and check-out so that their trip can be monitored and easily located in an emergency.


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