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Joker and Anglers Rest Campgrounds

Oct 30

Joker and Anglers Rest Campgrounds

Our Give-Back day was low-key but really productive...
Normally we get between 70-100 volunteers, but due to lockdowns this year we were lucky to get our brave 13! Hopefully everyone can make it next year. Or... if you're coming up, or your school club or group is doing a journey or some training, let me know if you have the energy and time for an hour or two and we'll dial you in for some cool river projects. Thanks in advance.
What we did a couple weeks ago was:
*Blocked 4X4 multiple tracks at the Winter Classic with logs, and put some logs in a gully to reduce erosion.
*Did some local hiking trail maintenance.
*Repaired several swing-arm bbq's at the Joker & Anglers Rest Campgrounds, plus some other drainage maintenance.
*A ton of new native trees and shrubs and tree-guards at Hinnomunjie Bridge take-out.
PV is aware of the dilapidated state of the Joker, CRB & Anglers Rest campgrounds and is working on obtaining some significant funding for maintenance and improvements. Stay tuned.

Black Duck Hole and Upper Faithfull river camps

LaTrobe Uni is currently on the Mitta and has been working on the broom infestations at the Black Duck Hole and Upper Faithfull river camps (and maybe some of the bracken at "Sandy Camp" (aka: Wally's camp). Anyone keen to do more of that when you're up let us know. We have loaner kits that fit in kayaks or rafts.
BTW: the "Upper Faithfull's camp" is a great camp now. Also safe from hazardous trees. No need to camp at the crummy old flying fox site just downstream, which by the way also happens to be private property. Just watch for the small eddy about 100 meters upstream for this great new camp.

Joker and Anglers Rest Campgrounds

HEADS UP!: If you use the Pinball turnout on the Omeo highway for parking or turning buses & trailers around, it's been mostly blocked by recent roadworks by Vic Roads. They just dumped about 15 truckloads of rocks dirt & gravel in the middle of the turnout. Seems crazy to me, but I've got several other projects on the boil that are super close to fruition (stay tuned)... and am kinda over battling bureaucracies. SO... if anyone cares about this (see attached photos) let us know and we'll give you the contacts and do any backup that might be needed. Otherwise, this is just a sort of public service announcement.

Contact Friends Of The Mitta

Friends Of The Mitta
c/o Jeffe Aronson
124 Callaghans Rd
​Anglers Rest, Victoria 3898

03 5159 7252