Journey information of the week: Everesting Document Shattered, Digital IRONMAN and extra

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From inspiring to tragic, Adventure News of the Week offers a recap of the most important news from the world of exploration and adventure.

CYCLING: The 26-year-old sets the first Everesting record under 7 hours. Cyclist Sean Gardner set a new Everesting world record on a 1.1 km stretch of Shenandoah National Park in Virginia over 53 laps and just over 72 miles. Everesting – the destination of running, biking, or walking with a corresponding vertical gain of 29,029 feet (height of Mount Everest) – has grown in popularity in the wake of global quarantine rules.

Gardner finished his ride 29,705 feet. His official of the time 6:59:38, who, as he confirmed to Bicycling Magazine, marks the first execution of the feat under 7 hours. Alberto Contador came closer with a time of 7 hours 27 minutes earlier this year.

VIRTUAL: Rouvy announces virtual IRONMAN course. In collaboration with IRONMAN, Rouvy – an online virtual reality bike platform – just released the IRONMAN World Championship's 112-mile virtual bike course.

Rouvy presented the new route as part of the IRONMAN VR World Championship Celebration Week. Find out how to join the IRONMAN Virtual Club here.

OUTDOOR: The Conservation Alliance awards grants of $ 2 million to outdoor organizations. In 2020, the Conservation Alliance (TCA) sent a total of US $ 950,000 to various organizations working to protect wild places across North America.

The funds will "help conservation groups secure new protection for remote wild areas and bodies of water and acquire nearby hiking trails and open spaces". TCA fellows work together to protect more than 53 million acres and 125 miles of river. Read more about each scholarship project here.

MEDIA: Pocket Media buys "Rock and Ice", "Trail Runner" magazines. Late last week, Boulder-based Pocket Media announced that it had acquired Rock and Ice, Trail Runner and Gym Climber magazines. The deal will bring together the two best climbing magazines in the country and run under the name Climbing.

That news comes less than a week after three other prominent outdoor magazines announced they were going to close.

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