Kelty CBD Ache-Reliever Evaluation: How A lot Assist, How A lot Hype?

Kelty’s new themes meet the brand’s claims for pain relief but smell great and won’t get you high. But is CBD the key to success here?

Outdoor enthusiasts know Kelty for its inexpensive camp gear. Think Rucksacks, Sleep Bags and Pads, Tents for camping and Backpacking trips, and more. But now the brand has some skin in the CBD game.

Last month, Kelty announced its latest release: a range of “pain relieving” CBD themes. And according to Kelty, this particular pain claim is what sets its products apart from both CBD and non-CBD-infused competitors.

“You will look through CBD products and see that it is calming and calming. However, depending on the ingredients in the product, this product cannot be said to have pain relief unless the ingredients are FDA cleared,” said Russ Rowell , Senior Vice President and General Manager of Kelty, told us. But Kelty said these pain relieving embrocations are FDA cleared.

So we put it to the test. For this review we tried Kelty’s CBD pain relief cream ($ 40-50) and CBD pain relief ointment ($ 40-60) in both one ounce and 500 mg strengths.

In summary: In our tests, the subjects reduced the testers’ muscle and joint pain while emitting pleasant peppermint and citronella oil scents. But here’s the problem: we’re not convinced that CBD did the heavy lifting here as it’s not even listed as an active ingredient. (More on that later.)

Kelty CBD Topicals Review

Photo credit: Alex Kirk


The alleged advantages of CBD working in the body Endocannabinoid system, are many. While there isn’t a strong scientific consensus on most of these claims, there is evidence in the emerging field of CBD research to give credibility. CBD is said to help with pain, acne, some mental and neurological disorders, and even cancer symptoms.

In our tests, the Kelty CBD themes we used were performed as advertisedand provides “relief from mild pain in our muscles and joints”. The ointment relieved a tester’s mild shoulder muscle pain for a few hours.

The subjects also made the knees less stiff and allowed more freedom of movement. Our tester’s knee pain was initially not “minor” – rather moderate and sharp, which led to the use of the topical agents – so it was still present but greatly reduced.

These issues are not intended to be used for severe or chronic pain. However, our male tester found that the subjects reduced his chronic back pain for a few hours – by at least two levels on a pain scale from 1 to 10.

Both testers appreciated the greater relative convenience the subjects offer.

Cream against ointment

The cream and ointment behaved slightly differently when tested, but had comparable effectiveness. The two have the same active ingredients in the same amounts and neither of them is related to CBD: paprika (0.23%), capsaicin (percentage not mentioned) and menthol (4%). However, their textures and scents are different.

Keltys CBD pain relief cream acts like a medium-thin lotion that smells strongly of peppermint (which we loved). It feels quite cold on the skin, so it’s best used on smaller areas. (Note: The box says “Warming up and cooling down”, but our testers felt the cooling much more strongly.)

It spreads easily and you don’t need much. Our tester, who used these products on her knees and shoulders, preferred the cream to the ointment as it was more suitable for massage.

The CBD pain relief ointment is a thicker, milder substance that smells like citronella. It doesn’t spread that far and doesn’t do well for massage – just application. Our male tester preferred the ointment because the cream was uncomfortably cold all over his back.

Kelty Pain Relief CBD

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Kelty CBD Topicals: Here’s the Ruble

Although we got positive results on our tests, it’s important to ask why. A look at other pain relieving topics in the market can provide answers. Kelty’s stuff is basically a liniment mixed in with a trendy, little-researched ingredient – CBD.

Although CBD is the center of Kelty’s marketing for these products, the brand’s current themes share ingredients (such as: menthol, Capsaicin, and Fighter) with other pain relievers like IcyHot or Bengay, which have been around for many years.

We suspect these ingredients play a role in the positive results we’ve had since the FDA approved them. So far, the FDA has only approved CBD in a drug for two rare, severe forms of epilepsy.

When we asked Kelty why CBD is not listed as an active ingredient in these topics, the brand said, “The FDA does not recognize CBD as an active ingredient / OTC ingredient, which is why it is placed under” Other Ingredients “. [on the packaging]. ”

Kelty CBD 2Photo credit: Alex Kirk

And when we talked to Kelty Last month With this product launch, the brand extolled its FDA quality. “We are allowed to carry this seal of approval with these ingredients,” said Rowell.

According to the FDACBD isn’t one of the ingredients that the brand can claim as a pain reliever. Since we know that at least some of the other ingredients, as explained above, are approved by the FDA, we assume that they have the “seal of approval” attached.

Do you need CBD themes?

The short answer is no. The prices of the CBD pain relief cream ($ 40-50) and CBD pain relief ointment ($ 40-60) are competitive in the CBD market. But you can’t get CBD pain relieving themes for much less than that (under $ 10 for the same amount or more). And regarding whether CBD topics work better than their non-CBD counterparts, the current scientific consensus is shaky at best.

When we asked Kelty to compare its CBD themes to non-CBD pain relieving ointments, the brand said, “CBD themes work in a similar way to the other non-CBD themes (like IcyHot and Bengay). They are both designed to alleviate or relieve pain (ours are designed to relieve pain with FDA approved ingredients). These only have the added benefits that cannabidiol offers for pain relief. “

That said, if you want to evaluate the “added benefits” of topical pain relief with CBD for yourself, Kelty’s line of CBD themes is as good as any, costs you no more than the competition, and smells great.

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