Kelty CBD? Camp Model delves into topical ache aid

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Known for value-oriented hardware for camping, Kelty is breaking into the emerging world of CBD ointments, creams and sprays.

Tired of a long day backpacking? Until now, Kelty has offered a range of camping chairs, umbrellas, tents, and more to help you relax and unwind. But now the Hardgoods brand, known for their respectable gear for budget-conscious customers, wants to appeal to your softer side – especially with balms and lotions to soothe your sore muscles.

“Kelty is all about impromptu adventure, going outside, playing around and having fun,” said Russ Rowell, senior vice president and general manager, Kelty. “Thanks to our new CBD productsWe now offer another tool that will allow you to move further, higher and faster, and to jump back faster when you do this. “

Starting today, Kelty will be launched with a roll-up gel stick, ointment, cream, after-sun lotion, and two sprays – one for itching and an antibacterial agent. However, according to Kelty, there are two real differentiators: Everything is formulated specifically for pain relief and uses US-made, FDA-approved ingredients.

Kelty CBD: what, why, how?

When we asked, “Why CBD?” Kelty was essentially telling us, “Why not?”

“The surprise and intrigue we get from the introduction of CBD is not new to us and we embrace it. We’ve had this kind of response for years, even when we started out as a brand, ”said Rowell. “At the time, a backpack brand that introduced sleeping bags came as a surprise. People thought we should just stick with what we know. And now we have one of the best selling sleeping bags on the market. “

He went on to say that Kelty plans to further develop CBD within its offerings and make it “one of our core competencies”. At the moment, the brand proudly touts that their CBD products are specifically designed for pain relief. And that’s thanks to the use of FDA-approved ingredients.

According to Rowell, most CBD products on the market have to dance around pain relief without getting FDA approval.

“You will look at CBD products and find that it is calming and calming. However, depending on the ingredients in the product, this product cannot be said to have pain relief unless the ingredients are FDA approved,” he said . “We are allowed to carry this seal of approval with these ingredients.”

Kelty pain relieving CBD

Kelty’s CBD debut includes six products – all 100% THC-free and non-psychoactive:

We’re sure to put Kelty’s pain relief claims to the test as well – stay tuned.

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