Ladder in a device field: DECKED Modernizes the principle assist of the truck mattress

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The new Truck Tool Box from DECKED offers truck drivers – whether tradespeople, outdoor people or both – a reason to add a box to their truck bed. The ladder allows faster and easier access.

Truck toolboxes haven’t seen much innovation in years, or maybe even decades. They also haven’t evolved to meet the needs of skiers, hikers, cyclists, and overlanders. DECKED is finally new Truck tool box offers a durable and securely built storage option that should be much easier to reach thanks to an integrated ladder.

Truck toolbox from DECKED is made from high impact, injection molded ASA, the same polymer as soccer helmets, and HDPE, which is almost 100% recycled. The box tray and the lid are made of anti-corrosion steel fittings with anti-theft reinforcements that neither dent nor puncture.

A robust lock and a bolt at the interface between the tub and the lid minimize possible chisel points and make forced entry almost impossible. A single key lock on the driver’s side secures several locking points.

covered truck tool box

DECKED Truck Tool Box Specs

The Truck tool box looks tough and safe. Equally convincing is that it is waterproof thanks to a seal in the lid, and DECKED has focused on making getting in and out easier.

Perhaps the coolest feature of the box is the built-in ladder that nests under the lid and can access more than half of the box storage from either side of your vehicle when the telescope is open.

That means you can get to the box’s contents without crawling into bed to get your gear and then crawling back a second time to get whatever you forgot. It also prevents you from getting heavily polluted by rubbing the side of your dirty truck to get your gear out.

covered truck toolbox ladder

The telescopic ladder takes up little space in the tool box and was designed by DECKED in such a way that it can be easily folded into and out of the truck with or without gloves. Not convinced you want the ladder? You can opt out and save a few dollars.

And if you love the ladder, you can get one – or one for each side (in brief).

The Truck tool box A small, modular system for organizing tools and gears, based on an integrated suspension system in the tool box, is supplied as standard.

Not just for craftsmen

With its new truck tool box, DECKED has created a pickup accessory that is not only intended for craftsmen.

If you are a nature lover who never has enough space in the cabin for your tent, sleeping bags, dog food, snowshoes or whatever, the truck box offers dry storage for about the same price as a roof box.

And it will likely take a lot longer. DECKED claims this will be the last truck tool kit you will ever buy.

The Truck Tool Box has overbuilt, oversized cast aluminum handles and large, easy-to-press locking buttons, so opening or closing the box is not a breeze.

When unlocked, the lid opens on a spring-loaded torsion bar, which makes lifting child’s play. The tension rod also holds the lid open while you are packing or unpacking.

Unpack the tool box

The ladder fits on truck bed rails up to 60 inches high and can be mounted on the driver or passenger side. The box fits all full size pickups. And it has an aluminum structural support for accessory mounts as well as two lashing straps.

DECKED manufactures all parts in the Midwest and is assembled and sold in Defiance, Ohio. The Truck Tool Box is priced at $ 875 ($ 700 without a ladder).

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