Lady sued ENO after the hammock accident paralyzed her

The 23-year-old woman claims that ENO's "misleading marketing" led to the accident.

Resided in Boston Erin Field in July 2017 was sitting in an ENO hammock between two brick fireplaces when one collapsed on top of her. The accident paralyzed her from the neck down, and now, after several surgeries and rehab, Field has filed a lawsuit against Eagle Nest Outfitters.

According to the lawsuit, ENO Hammocks promoted a social media marketing campaign "that included a caption contest encouraging individuals to share pictures of hammocks hanging in unusual places."

Field and her brother claim that without the campaign, they might not have chosen to hang the hammock on the chimneys on the roof. Field is suing ENO for breach of warranty, lack of warning, and negligent marketing. The court determines the amount of the damages in court.

The chimney collapses on a woman lying in a hammock: https: //t.co/IsvuDI72T1 @ Boston25 News #NorthEnd #Boston @universalhub pic.twitter.com/7vE9fjtuLX

– Peter Wilson (@PetesWire), July 11, 2017

ENO hammock accidents

Before Field's injuries, similar accidents occurred due to the failure of ENO hammocks. A 13-year-old girl died in 2016 after a brick column fell on her. She had used the same ENO DoubleNest hammock as Field with the associated Atlas straps.

Eventually, two sisters died a week before Field's lawsuit when a brick column to which they had attached their hammock collapsed.

ENO's warning of hammocks

The ENO campaign reminded users to follow safety precautions when hanging hammocks. However, “it did
do not warn or prohibit hanging them on masonry structures, non-load-bearing walls or
Not trees, ”complained Field.

Eno hammock and satin strapsAn ENO DoubleNest hammock and satin straps.

ENO currently has a photo contest on its site with the following security guidelines:

"Keep it safe. Responsible hammocks are our top priority. Please don't stack hammocks or photos of hammocks that hang too high. Read our setup guides on each product page if you have any questions about proper setup."

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