“Lessons Learned”: Randy Newberg breaks off a mule deer hunt


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Every hunter can learn something from every hunt. And prolific Randy Newberg takes it to the next level in his Lessons Learned series.

Listen: if you want someone at a whiteboard talking about hunting, It’s probably Randy Newberg. Fortunately, that’s exactly what he’s doing in his Lessons Learned series.

In the most recent episode, a hugely successful mule deer hunt in Wyoming with two of Newberg’s hunting friends, Beau Baty of, was abandoned Wilderness Ridge Trail llamas and Lorenzo Sartini from Go hunting.

“I feel like I’m here as a student and I’m here to learn from others,” says Newberg of the hunt in the 25-minute film. “Swallow your pride if you’re an old guy like me and go there with the idea of ​​how much I can learn here.”

It’s a refreshing, if not often unheard, feeling on the media side of the hunt. And the five lessons Newberg learned from this hunt are sure to help you prepare better for your next mule deer hunt.

Perhaps good-natured and honest humility is what we all work towards. At least, Randy Newberg makes it appear that way.

We look forward to more from the retrospective “Lessons Learned” series.

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