Lighter, stronger ski helmet: Candy Safety renews Pinnacle Grimnir

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The Sweet Protection Grimnir leads the brand’s offering with durability and advanced protection. And we took a first look at the next-generation Grimnir, which is stronger but 25% lighter than its predecessor.

Ski helmets obviously protect skiers from some bumps. But for me, they’re also a key layer of protection from the wind, cold, and the flawed branch that could hit me as I rip through the trees.

Sweet Protection Grimnir ski helmetThe author in the Sweet Protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS

When Sweet Protection said his top-of-the-range helmet was going to be much lighter, I listened. I went on a ski Grimnir helmet for a couple of years now and I love the comfort, warmth and durability of the helmet. It is characterized by “penetration-proof” ventilation slots that have a stainless steel grill to prevent stones from breaking through in the event of a severe fall.

And now all of that goodness weighs a lot less than before.

Last week I had the opportunity to ski in the new Grimnir 2Vi MIPS on a very windy, somewhat cold day on Eldora Mountain in Colorado. And my impression of the new helmet is excellent. Read on for my first test impressions of the Sweet Protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS.

Sweet protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS ski helmet

Sweet Protection intends the Grimnir as a big mountain freeride helmet. It’s very tough, with a carbon fiber shell that is supposed to get big hits. In contrast to many helmets, a protective grille even covers the ventilation slots to prevent stones from entering sharply in the event of an accident.

In this version of the Grimnir, however, the elements are juxtaposed with a new type of pre-preg carbon fiber shell material with variable elasticity. In connection with a “shock-absorbing inner lining with several densities” and a two-layer MIPS, this helmet offers many technical improvements.

What do you mean? In short, the elastic shell and the shock-absorbing liner work together with the shape of the head to minimize the forces that arise in the event of a fall.

I’m not going to hit my head in rocks to find out. But Sweet Protection’s claims (compared to its previous models) are impressive.

sweet protection 2vi

First look review: Grimnir 2Vi MIPS

How does it work on site? In a few words, very good.

First, the helmet is much lighter than the last version of the Grimnir. This is important because while the Grimnir has been well received by customers, a major problem has been weight. Now it weighs around 630 g (1 pound 6 ounces) compared to 700 g for the old model. This is still on the heavier end of the ski helmet spectrum, but it’s much closer to the competition.

The new model also has 10 lockable, anti-penetration vents, an excellent update of the old model. I closed them during the extremely windy testing period and appreciated the extra warmth on my head.

A CAD drawing shows the complexity of the new Sweet Protection Grimnir 2Vi MIPS

Some other notable updates include an optimized fit for Sweet Protection ski goggles. During testing, I found that they fit very well in the helmet, with no gaps and no air infiltration in my forehead, even when I was skiing fast in cold weather.

Overall, the new Grimnir is a very comfortable helmet. I only had a couple of hours of testing this model, which will hit the market in fall 2021, but so far it looks promising. It’s an expensive helmet priced at $ 400. So it’s unlikely to be common on the mountain.

But for those looking for a super protective lid for large terrain, it’s worth investigating.

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