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Living Tiny With A Wolf shares their DIY Cargo Trailer Conversion

May 29

For many homeowners, the idea of living tiny is an appealing option. Whether it's because they want to live simply or because they are on a tight budget, cargo trailer conversions offer modern amenities that make this lifestyle possible. 

With some careful planning and design, these trailers can be just as luxurious as their traditional counterparts while using less space and money. These homes also have the added benefit of being mobile so you can take them with you wherever life takes you!  

One couple has converted their cargo trailer into a gorgeous living space and documented the process on their blog. The couple, Nicoll and Jake, who goes by Living Tiny With A Wolf, have converted their cargo trailer into a stunning home.

The couple has been traveling across the country since 2019 and documenting their adventures on Instagram. Along with providing tips about how to live tiny while living in an RV, they also share photos of all the beautiful places they've visited throughout America. 

Nicoll and Jake have detailed the process of Converting a Cargo Trailer on their blog. The blog post includes all of the steps needed to build a similar home on wheels, including the materials needed and how long it took for them to finish construction. 

"I'm not a professional builder, so I wanted this project to be as accessible as possible," said Nicoll Davis who is the blogger behind Living Tiny With A Wolf. 

The post also includes design plans, materials needed and photos of every step of the way from start to finish. This full DIY project is perfect for anyone who wants more information about what it takes to live in a tiny space comfortably.

To read about their conversion process, check out their blog post about how they converted a cargo trailer into a tiny home on wheels. You can also read more about how to convert your own cargo trailer into a camper here.