Locked and loaded: RockyMounts LiftOp ‘Biggie’ ski rack evaluate

Are you looking for a ski carrier that is sturdy when everyone can get out and carry lots of boards and skis? The RockyMounts LiftOp might be right for you.

Constant during our winter equipment tests this season was the RockyMounts LiftOp Biggie ski carrier. I checked out a sample in November and have been putting it through its paces ever since.

In short: The RockyMounts LiftOp The ski carrier is super sturdy and works well in various winter conditions. In addition to its fantastic design elements (like a simple latch and double locking system), this rack can hold up to four pairs of skis. And compared to other racks on the market, everything is available for a really reasonable price.

RockyMounts LiftOp Rack tests in sleet, rain and snow

I loved a lot of things about this ski carrier, but mostly that it was extremely sturdy, durable, secure (locks) and easy to use. And it’s under $ 200.

I tested this rack on a pair to three pairs of skis to see how it performs with a light load versus load. (I could have fit a fourth pair but ran out of skis.)

A note on robustness: this rack does not move. Windy weather, highway speeds, whatever you call it – you won’t hear any noise, shifting, or rocking from the top of your car.

I’ve ridden this ski rack over multiple mountain passes, on highways, in snowy weather, and in strong winds, and it worked great.

It’s safe too. It has two locking systems, a protection that ensures that the rack has nowhere to go. (Details and notes on the locking system and the cables below.)

Third, it’s easy to use. Coffee in one hand and with bulky gloves I could open and close the frame easily. The keys work well too, are easy to turn and the lock has not yet stuck or frozen. (The smooth-to-use locks are especially exciting for me because I’m left-handed – opening doors and locks is usually a tedious task for me.)

The only disadvantage? It’s not the lightest rack on the market. That being said, it’s not too bulky and its weight doesn’t pose any problems.

A forward view of the two ski support bars, brackets, and cable locks; Photo credit: Mary Murphy

RockyMounts LiftOp Biggie Rack Technical Data

  • Holds: 4-5 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards (varies depending on size)
  • Components: 2 rack units, 2 plastic brackets, internal locking cables, 2 keys and spare parts
  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Price: $ 180

Complete the rack: RockyMounts doubles

Rockymounts Liftop Ski Rack LockPhoto credit: Mary Murphy

With this ski carrier design, the LiftOp has safety in the foreground. Whether you’re parking at a lodge for the night or traveling the country, you want to make sure your skis are safe. Yes, safe from flying off the back of your car. That should go without saying. But they are also safe from opportunistic thieves.

The RockyMounts doubled on the locks: The cable system not only ensures that the rack is securely locked to your vehicle (it doesn’t move, it’s robust), but that the skis themselves are locked to the rack with two key locks. The steel wires and cables that latch around your car’s crossbars run through a protective cover. Basically there is no way to manipulate the cables because they are laid internally in the rack.

And you can only access the locking cables with the key from the inside of the rack when it is open.

What I love most about the key system is the angle and floor access: I can easily reach the rack, turn the key, and push the large, glove-friendly latch to unload my gear. And even on days with wet and cold weather, the locks haven’t frozen or caused problems.

Really the only difficult step was setting up the rack. Several customers have found that assembly is very easy. It is. But don’t be like me and try to set it up yourself at 30 degrees. It’s a lot easier with two people. So grab a friend.

I would also like to point out that the instructions are simple and well-written – with one exception. If you want to open, tighten and lock the cables to the car, you need to loosen the cable screw, which is cleverly hidden in the assembly unit. (I wasn’t entirely clear about this step, but we had the rack on in less than 20 minutes.)


The RockyMounts LiftOp Biggie works great, has a lot of great features, and comes at a really great price. And the jackpot depends on the number of skis he can carry.

The price is good; Depending on how many seasons the rack lasts, it can be great. It’s not too difficult and setup was a breeze. And it can carry equipment for all your car. It just works, keeps your skis on your car, is locked and loaded, and doesn’t wobble when the wind gets triple digits on I-70.

But at the end of the day, it’s the simplicity that brings me up. It is a not very expensive, yet high quality ski carrier that does its job.

RockyMounts is based in Grand Junction, Colorado and has manufactured a variety of ski and ski areas Bicycle stand Since 1993.

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