Luno Life Luno air mattress 2.zero expands the sleeping area of your automobile

The Luno Life Luno Air Mattress 2.0 is a super comfortable sleeping system for your adventure rig that gives your bed 15 inches of legroom.

Overland is just so hot. Social feeds offer extravagant rigs, roof tents, and attractive couples sipping tea in their sprawling, custom-built vans or trucks. Granted, owning one of these expensive rigs is nowhere near as common as getting along with a Subaru hatchback and accepting the relative deterioration in sleeping comfort.

But Luno Life is working to change that. The brand is Luno air mattress 2.0 is a sleep system like no other. The custom molded two-chamber air mattress and base extensions utilize every square inch of real estate on the back of over 1,800 vehicles. It offers unheard of space and comfort for a “normal” car. It turns everyday drivers into legitimate overland vehicles.

The Luno Air mattress 2.0 system

My daily driver is a 2018 Subaru Outback. It’s ideal for my hour-long commute and has excellent mileage. And the AWD system put me where I had to both work and play – as long as I had a tent for overnight forays.

I chose the Outback because in bad situations I can lie down in the cargo hold with the rear seats folded down at an angle. But it wasn’t comfortable and even my dog ​​would have a hard time sharing this space.

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Step into the Luno Air mattress 2.0. It is a 4-inch, two-chamber, air-chamber mattress upholstered in 300 denier oxford fabric. It has the required freeze-proof, quickly inflatable and deflating valves. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and when I unpacked I wasn’t impressed at all.

But then came the “ah-ha” moment. Two inflatable base extensions work with the custom shape, which is precisely tailored to my outback floor plan. They fill in the gap between the back seat and the front seats to add 15 inches of usable length. This function alone transformed my Subaru from a camping car into an overland vehicle.

The system also comes with a 12 V fill pump, storage bag and patch for repair. it weighs 15 pounds.

Overnight with the Luno Air mattress 2.0

Again, the initial feeling of the air mattress when unpacking did not cause any excitement; But when I started inflating the components, the potential became apparent. The fit of the bed in the hold was excellent; Every available horizontal area has been covered, including the full width of the rear seats to the doors.

Two cube-shaped base extensions filled the cavity between the back of the front seats (front) and the top of the rear seat (folded down). That extra length was key to making the cargo space habitable for two adults – this vastly improved functionality that changed my approach to the product.

Subaru with Luno Air mattress 2.0

But what excited me was the comfort of the air mattress. Again the initial feeling threw me off. After inflating in 2 minutes with the included pump and adjusting the firmness via a one-way adjustment valve, I was overwhelmed by how comfortable it was.

The Luno Air mattress 2.0 was just as comfortable as the high-dollar foam mattress in my adventure van. I’m a side sleeper so I appreciate the 4-inch thickness and adjustability. My opinion on the Luno Life system has increased further.

Luno Air mattress 2.0: Incredible stability

My 80 pound dog jumped over to the other side of the mattress and my vision of the system hit an all-time high. The independent chambers meant that their movements did not affect my side of the bed, which even my home mattress cannot.

And each side can be independently adjusted for firmness, which my human counterpart did as it only weighs a hair that weighs over 100 pounds compared to mine over 175. This independent setting is not possible with single-chamber air mattresses. For solo sleep, one side can be deflated and padded to save space.

Dog hair and debris peeled off the 300 denier oxford nylon cover easily and did not suffer any visible damage from my dog’s nails and my cavalier treatment. The Luno Air mattress 2.0 is much more puncture-proof than a typical backpack air cushion. The fabric also appeared to be easily washable if needed.

Luno Air mattress 2.0: possible disadvantages

Potential buyers should note that the Luno Air mattress 2.0 is not insulated. That means you are basically sleeping in the air. And if that air is cold, chances are you will be too.

I tested it at around 40 degrees Fahrenheit and was comfortable. But I sleep warm. Of course, you can add insulation with a simple sleeping pad like one Therm-a-Rest RidgeRest if you wanted to use this through the winter. Note, however, that this mattress does not provide any warmth in cold weather.

Finally, deflating the mattress and base extensions was very quick, but it was time consuming to fit everything into the 16.5 x 29 inch bag. To avoid future frustrations, I would most likely use a larger bag.

Luno air mattress 2.0

Your car is now an overlander

Before I got the Luno Air mattress 2.0, sleeping in my Subaru Outback was a last resort. I pitched my tent in the freezing rain so as not to push myself in the back to sleep. Forget about a dog or other person.

But the Luno Life Air mattress 2.0 has completely changed my mind and my vehicle. I now consider my daily driver to be a competent intercity vehicle. No, I can’t get up like in my van, and yes, my gear is outside. But in most places and in most conditions, I want to spend as little time in the vehicle as possible and there is no problem with the equipment being outdoors.

The Luno air mattress 2.0 opened my mind to the possibility of sleeping comfortably in my outback. And with an MSRP of $ 225, this is the cheapest intercity vehicle conversion ever made.

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