Make your strategy to MTB remedy: “Let It Trip”

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2020 was a mess. 2020 was heartbreak. 2020 was an awakening. No matter what you’ve been through since the beginning of COVID, Hydro Flask encourages one thing: let’s go.

“When the going gets tough, the tough will ride.” Hydro Flask Many of us quickly realized a truth in this pandemic year. Although jobs, hours, and lives have changed, we shift our priorities, our schedules, in order to have a little more time outside.

Lost a government job? We know a few people who did that – and got into riding. Do you now spend 50 hours a week behind a zoomed screen? Weekend adventures are a must.

“In a year like 2020 we could all take the chance to tread the path and experience the wonder of nature. The International Mountain Bicycling Association is doing its part by making hiking trails more accessible, ”wrote Hydro Flask.

And this short but epic film pays homage to all the people who made it possible – and to all the tracks in which it happened.

Find out more here, donate or build with IMBA

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