Making History on Horseback: A Triumph on the Pacific Crest Trail

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Gillian Larson’s short film ‘The Thru Rider’ is finally here. Watch a woman and her horse ride victoriously the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

The premise of “The Thru Rider” is simple: one woman, one horse, and 2,600 miles of trail. The short film was made in collaboration with Firestone Walker and directed by Dylan Lucas Gordon and tells of Larson’s solo mission on the Pacific Crest Trail. She completed the entire PCT from Mexico to Canada on horseback.

Larson’s track record is impressive. She is the youngest woman to ride the PCT on horseback – and she has done it three times. She was also the first person to go through both of them PCT and Colorado’s Continental Divide Trail – more than 10,000 miles of back country wilderness miles.

And as far as she knows, she’s still the only person to ride the entire 3,100-mile CDT that she completed in 2018.

This year she will support and accompany an international couple in the implementation of the PCT on horseback. Look up now or Read more about Larson’s passages here.

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