Marketplace for used equipment: The new climate-neutral shopping platform from Peak Design

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Peak Design believes it has developed a “superior” model for selling used equipment.

This morning Peak Design launched its Marketplace, a peer-to-peer platform (ie direct from buyer to seller) for all types of used Peak Design products. In contrast to third-party platforms, Peak Design is its own – and climate neutral.

The brand claims that by removing intermediaries to coordinate various aspects like shipping, payment and logistics, the Peak Design Marketplace will both streamline the process for customers and avoid wasteful repackaging and additional shipping.

“When you make quality products that can have a second and third life, your global footprint is divided by two or three,” said Peak Design founder and CEO Peter Dering. “Fortunately, we have customers who are both intelligent and sustainable. They are able to complete all aspects of the transaction and this enables us to eliminate the middleman. “

Peak Design Marketplace: Buy and sell used equipment

Peak Design makes a wide variety of Travel, lifestyle, EDC and photo equipment. In the marketplace, owners can sell their used equipment in three steps: mail, shipping and collection.

Once an item is sold, Peak Design will send the seller a prepaid shipping label. Once payment is received, sellers can withdraw the money or put it on credit PeakDesign.com.

Meanwhile, buyers assume the full protection of Peak Design’s lifetime warranty. This applies regardless of how often a product changes marketplace.

Peak Design has already established over 100 transmission connections on its beta platform. Do you want to buy used equipment? Take a look at the marketplace now.

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