Meanderthal neck | ‘A Sisterhood’ | A bunch of girls wanders by way of the ups and downs of life collectively

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In the past few years, Amy Eversole and the Trailblazers have hiked all over the Great Smoky Mountains.

Some of them earned their 500 mile pins from valet parking. Others follow closely behind. Everyone has supported each other through the ups and downs of life.

“They are the best women of all time,” said Amy Eversole. “They are like sisters and I don’t know what I would do without them.”

The group tries to organize hikes together at least twice a month. “We are all different in many ways,” said Melanie Bissell. “But we have one thing in common: a hiking trail.”

It’s also an opportunity for them to hang out, talk, and enjoy the outdoors. “It’s just a great connection that we have together and that support each other in everything,” said Stacy Dickerson. “Whether it is through sad times through illness through happy times.”

“We support each other and everything we do,” said Amy Eversole. “Sisterhood is so important at any age. Go out and go play in the mountains. Do not know what you are missing. “


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