MeatEater Releases Second Season of ‘Das Boat’: ‘Dos Boat’


MeatEater released the first season of its first fishing series ‘Das Boat’ in 2019 to aplomb. The second season is now dropping episodes each Sunday at 11 a.m MST.

You might have to turn into Netflix to watch the original MeatEater series. But the MeatEater crew is turning to YouTube for a series of shows beyond their stalwart hit.

“Das Boat” is one of these shows. And it’s MeatEater’s first dedicated-to-fishing series. The fun of “Das Boat” is the upcycling of old fishing boats and witnessing the change they go through in each expert angler’s hands.

The second season — goofily called “Dos Boat” — overhauls a 1973 14′ Starcraft Bassmaster that belonged to Steven Rinella’s fishing mentor Jon Gary. The crew hauls it around the Midwest for a series of wild trips. Two episodes are currently dropped, with more to come each Sunday at 11 a.m. MST.

The first episode features Rinella himself picking up the old boat, then transforming it into a somewhat-Great Lakes-worthy vessel. See for yourself how it goes.

MeatEater Releases New Fishing Series ‘Das Boat’

Steven Rinella and crew bought a boat. And they’re putting it through its paces in the new online series ‘Das Boat.’ Read more…

Nicole Qualtieri

By Nicole Qualtieri

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