Misplaced Gear? “Karmik Outdoor” stickers assist monitor it down

Montana Fly Company uses Karmik Outdoors on an oar; Image credit: Karmik

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A new brand called Karmik Outdoors has created a reflective decal that will benefit both owners of lost gear and those who return it.

Leaving equipment behind is not uncommon. And unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for you to leave your favorite gear behind. I flipped a kayak once after encountering a rundown branch and lost a lot of treasured equipment.

A new company called Karmic in the open air intends to add a little more security to the inevitable. The brand’s $ 4 stickers include an item number, a return note for a reward, and a QR code that finders can scan.

Outdoor Karmic: How It Works

Karmik-Vertical-Decal-6_21-1-2The decals themselves are backed with a strong adhesive that can be stuck to any surface. It is difficult to remove the sticker when you want to sell an item, but you can also simply transfer the code of the sticker to the new owner.

And for cynics who believe that people may not return the equipment they find, Karmik teaches each item a reward. That way, anyone who finds this brand new Patagonia puffy will be tempted to return it instead of keeping it.

Think of the new ski jacket you left behind at a lodge, a pair of gloves at a trailhead, climbing shoes in the gym, and camp furniture that you left behind at a campsite. We lost or forgot all equipment. With Karmik’s system, your chances of getting it back are much greater.

Karmik provides the rewards, but the owner can also add a cash reward to certain items. Other rewards include equipment and participation in various freebies. Or – those which many find enjoyable in themselves – the reward for good karma.

The cost to the owner is low. Every sticker costs $ 4 (You can choose between reflective and non-reflective). There is a $ 2 annual reactivation fee for each decal as long as you want it to be active.

Returning equipment is just as easy: scan the QR code, enter the item and your details and click “Send”.

Will it work?

As a gear junkie and Klutz who often leaves things in ridiculous places, I really hope so. The concept of creating an affordable and karmic insurance plan for people like me is darn good.

I also appreciate that there’s a sunny look at the people on the other end of the lost gear. Technology enables us to stay connected in a variety of ways. And this simple option allows us to be more connected to the gear that keeps us going.

When we put our hard-earned money into an expensive ski jacket or pair of badass fishing waders, we know we’re investing in a better experience, too. For less than the price of an IPA, your favorite investments have a more hopeful and secure future. We like it.

Time to invest, time to insure your equipment. Time to stick.

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