Most Superior Fishing Kayak: World Champion Launches $ eight,000 Apex Watercraft

With a lightweight carbon fiber hull and a design that combines stand-up paddleboards with sit-on-top kayaks, Apex Watercraft offers anglers a new type of fishing vessel.

Eric Jackson is a big name in the kayaking world. He is a four-time world champion and Olympic champion. But perhaps more impressive, he recently founded and ran one of the leading kayak brands in North America, Jackson Kayak.

But he left Jackson late last year to focus on a new project. Now this project has hit the air waves in the form of Apex Watercraft TYR.

And Apex Watercraft is swinging after the fences with its first product. This fishing kayak weighs an estimated 40 pounds, as Apex Watercraft makes it from carbon fiber. The design looks extremely practical for serious anglers.

Oh, and did we mention the party collapses at a $ 8,000 price tag? We already know that.

Apex Watercraft: redefining the fishing kayak?

Before we get into the Apex Watercraft, take a few minutes to see the brand's buzz role below. It has a lot of background and you can see this beautiful boat from many angles.

Pretty sexy, isn't it? But is it great worth $ 8,000? It's up to the consumers.

But if you have a bit of variety to devote yourself to a fishing boat and to be human-powered, there isn't much to compete with. Here are some of the differentiators compared to the rest of the market.

Apex Watercraft: construction

In the video, Jackson outlines the team that builds these boats. Jackson, a legendary kayaker; Bob Blair, an award-winning designer for stand-up paddleboards (SUP); and Russ Emanis, who headed Lockheed Martin's composite program for the F-22 Raptor, joined forces to develop and manufacture the Apex Watercraft.

Apex uses a carbon epoxy foam core for the primary construction of the boat. Light and strong, similar to high-end racing yachts. Because of the excellent properties of carbon fiber, the boat can weigh about half the weight of similar boats made from more common rotational molded plastics.

The hull combines the stability of a stand-up paddleboard with the size and paddle layout of a sit-on-top kayak. It enables anglers to easily switch between sitting and standing positions, which anglers really appreciate.

The hull has many other intelligent design elements. It has a lifting arch that pierces the water for low drag while waves simply crash from the sides without bringing water into the boat. This bow, coupled with an open mirror, lets water run straight out of the boat without collecting on the deck. This eliminates the need for scupper holes in most sit-on-top kayaks, reducing drag.

Overall, the speed and rigidity of the Apex should allow anglers to get to the fish faster than with a typical kayak fisherman.

The boat doesn't stop developing innovations in the hull. The carbon fiber seat reduces weight. It also swings with the user so that they can throw in different directions without turning the trunk.

Thanks to the flat design, you can hang your feet over the side – who doesn't like that?

Apex Watercraft TYR Technical Data

Apex Watercraft fishing kayak

These are the specifications for the TYR as provided by Apex Watercraft.

  • Length: 12 "-10"
  • Width: 36 ”
  • Height: 18 ”
  • Hull: plane hull – shallow draft
  • Seat: Carbon fiber swivel bucket – 7 inches above the standing platform
  • Weight: Near 40 pounds – set to layup / weight pending
  • Rod Stager: built-in and rear-facing, pressure-protected
  • Luke: carbon fiber, magnetic lock
  • Custom cork decks, typically used on super yachts, are laser etched and offer traction, a wonderful look, and soundproofing
  • Footrests: Customer-specific supports with carbon fiber contours, mounted on YakAttack Lightweight GearTrac
  • Fins: Tailor-made ultra-light V-shaped flat fin made of carbon fiber
  • Painting: Airbrush design with free choice of colors by the customer. Custom paint jobs are available at an additional cost.
  • Titanium TYR medallion inlaid in the deck
  • Neodymium super magnets: inserted into the boat in key areas for holding tools, baits, paddles and more

Apex Watercraft TYR: Started today

When you drool, you are not alone. The Apex Watercraft TYR is one of the coolest new boats we have seen in a long time.

But obviously this is a big investment. Handmade carbon fiber boats are not everyone's must. However, if you take your fishing very seriously, you should definitely investigate.

For those who dig further, the boat started on Kickstarter today. You can support the project there, starting at $ 45 for a US-made Marc Nelson Denim t-shirt. There are several other interesting brand products, such as a carbon fiber paddle and artwork. Buying these products helps get you started, but at a much lower entry point than an $ 8,000 kayak.

But for the serious angler who is ready to get into a new boat, the Apex Watercraft TYR can now be ordered. With an estimated delivery from August 2020 and only five deliveries available, you can almost guarantee that you are the only one in your local water.

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