Most vert in someday: Jean-François Cauchon tries to set the document

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“Cauchon: Answers from the Woods” is the latest pandemic running film to debut in 2020 with ultra-runner Jean-François Cauchon.

“In terms of races, 2020 will be a season to forget.” 2020 was an unprecedented year for racing and athletics in general. In the middle of a pandemic with Races fall like flies, Canadian ultra runner Jean-Francois Cauchon set your sights on a new challenge.

In this film, Cauchon tries to break the record for the most difference in altitude (on foot) within 24 hours. To do this, he needs a section of the route that is short and steep enough to come close to the record – 17,000 m. This is the vertical equivalent of climbing the mountain. Everest almost twice in 24 hours.

“This is a rare opportunity to see the infinite trail that resides in an ultra-runner’s head,” teased production company HOLOS.

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“If [I hit] On the 17,000 meters, the legs are very stressed, ”said Cauchon expectantly in the film. Cauchon chose a section of Mont-Saint-Anne in Quebec with a crazy pitch and a lot of climbing. The plan? Walk straight up the steepest incline and then down a continuous hiking trail to form a loop. And he has to drive 52 laps to break the record.

Like many ultra runners, Cauchon talks about racial mentality, preparation, hallucinations, and more as he attempts. The film follows him before, during and after the exertion from daybreak until well into the night.

“Nobody will tell you what your own limit is. It’s up to you to find it, ”said Cauchon.

According to the ITRA, Cauchon is the No. 1 ultrarunner in Canada. He has won two Ultra-Trail Harricanas, two TransMartinique races, and competed in other notable races, including the UTMB.

“Cauchon: Answers from the Woods” was produced by HOLOS. This is the first from HOLOS Documentary film.

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