Motion Filmmaking: Watch this Skier Make It Massive

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Freeride World Tour title? Check. Powder Video Award for Best Female Performance? Check. In this short film by Teton Gravity you can find out how Elyse Saugstad will continue.

After winning the Freeride World Tour title in 2008 Elyse Saugstad decided to change paths. She “felt it was time to realize her dream of filming,” wrote Teton Gravity in the film description.

After Saugstad struggled to break through to the top male-dominated action sports production companies, she decided to make another change. She built her own production team, recruited her own camera team and filmed in her own style – all looking for a ski film dream.

For Saugstad, entering the film industry meant investing in a snowmobile, learning how and where to shoot, filming and applying without major funds TGR’s Co-Lab film competition. And through all of that, she campaigned for gender equality in snow sports and filmmaking.

The short film “On my own terms” tells Saugstad’s story From ski racers to big mountain freeriders to film producers – and beyond.

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