Mountain bikes meet actuality TV within the competitors present "Academy"

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Ten MTB riders compete against each other with a pro contract.

For every professional who rides at Red Bull Rampage, there are so many more mountain bikers out there, struggling to break into the elite ranks. Now a group of bike brands and reality TV are rushing to make that dream come true. Fox Racing, Shimano, Maxxis, Garminand more will produce "Academy", an elimination-style mountain bike series that takes place over 2 weeks.

Along the way, the crews will be filming everything about the drivers 24/7 as they move through the competition. And we're pretty sure the new series will be the first ever reality show for mountain bikes.

The show will consist of a series of driving-related challenges (and the drivers will be eliminated as each episode of the 10-part series passes.) The courses look brutal, as do some of the challenges, but that's half the fun. The show will continue to air Pinkbike's YouTube channel.

Who rides?

In the first season of "Academy" the line-up consists of 10 drivers: five men and five women.

The winner will receive a pro contract from Orbea bikes as well as a prize of $ 25,000.

Why look Get ready for tons of mountain biking action, epic challenges, and probably a little bit of drama as these talented riders compete against each other to make it big.

Watch them Teaser video for the series here or higher. The first episode will air next Thursday, October 15th, and then a new episode will air every Thursday through December.

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