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The water that came out of my MSR Guardian air purifier looked so clean and smelled fresh too – it was quite a departure from the pond-like scum filth I had tossed into.

MSR’s Guardian Gravity Purifier was developed for use in the backcountry by the military – and now for everyone who enjoys the backcountry because of its 10L size. The cleaner meets military grade NSF protocol P248 testing standards by removing bacteria, protozoa, pathogens, heavy metals, chemicals and viruses. It does this through a 0.02 micron hollow fiber filter with a carbon component.

We tested a Guardian Gravity in creeks and creeks – and in the trees – of the Pacific Northwest, a little further than expected. (Most people don’t purposely filter the gnarliest water they can find.)

Photo credit: Helen Newcomb.

MSR Guardian Gravity Purifier Review: Setup

The 1 pound, 3 ounce filter, reservoir, and tube are rolled up like a burrito in a mesh tote bag and are easy to set up. The bag’s open style and malleability make it easy to maneuver around a makeshift sink or dragging through a stream to fill (my preferred choice).

A simple roll-top design with straps and snaps allows it to be hung from a tree. Remember, you must have this bag 6 feet tall for the filter to work properly.

This is sometimes easier said than done, although the included straps help immensely. After all, it is a Gravity filter. The water then flows through a pipe into the actual air purifier.

From there, the design includes a flush hose, which no longer requires backwashing to clean the filter, and a clean water hose. We think it’s good that MSR made the filter easy to clean on site.

Both hoses have clips that make it easy to stop or start the flow of water. At the end, a bottle adapter attaches to a variety of personal water bottles and jugs.

MSR Guardian gravity cleanerPhoto credit: Helen Newcomb.

How the Guardian Gravity Purifier works

Filling the 10 liter reservoir is a breeze, but what may be more difficult is finding a place to hang it. You need to have the bag at least 6 feet above the ground for optimal flow rate. So choose your location well.

Once your site is sorted, by simply clearing the filter, you can switch to the 1L filter flow rate in 2 minutes – 2.5 times faster than the competition, according to MSR. A Guardian Gravity field test brought my flow rate closer to 2:30 a.m., but that can be attributed to the height or angle of the hang.

The pure water line coming from the filter must fill an empty vessel. So if you want to run all 10L at once, you’ll need a jug or dromedary. Otherwise, use the bottle adapter at the end of the hose to fill one bottle at a time.

The military test standard of the NSF protocol P248 requires the removal of 99.99% of viruses, 99.9999% of bacteria, 99.9% of protozoa, as well as sediments and microplastics. Basically protection from the worst water you may encounter.

In the second step of the process, activated carbon (one component in several other filters on the market) reduces unwanted chemicals, tastes and smells.

A note to compare, the Guardian Gravity Purifier is much lighter than MSR’s Guardian Purifier pump model ($ 350) and cheaper too. And it’s currently the only backcountry gravity filter on the market that meets military standards.

MSR Guardian gravity cleanerPhoto credit: Helen Newcomb.

Guardian Gravity Purifier: Who is it for?

MSR designed the product for the military to be ready for emergency situations and groups. The 10 liter capacity is ideal for a campsite in the backcountry and can supply several people with fresh water for a whole day. And it goes so quickly.

The simple carry case and ease of setup allow the product to fit in a pack. And the materials make it easy to carry around in the backcountry without fear of tearing it to pieces.

This filter is designed for a service life of 3,000 l. When the filter cartridge needs to be replaced, you know this with the help of the practical cartridge display.

MSR Guardian gravity cleanerPhoto credit: KING.

Final thoughts on the Guardian Gravity Purifier

This is one of the best cleaners we’ve seen for filtering large amounts of water and serving large groups of people. And it removes almost everything and gives you peace of mind no matter what source of water you drink.

At a price of $ 250, the Guardian Gravity Purifier It’s not for everyone, but it does exactly what it says on the tin – an almost complete purification of any type of water for a large group. And fast. With other hand, single-serve or pump filters, cleaning can take 10 l hours.

While in some places it is easier to find the right place to hang your air purifier than in others, this was our only hesitation in the whole process. The Guardian Gravity Purifier cleans water easily and quickly, even in the most sketchy situations.

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