My 30 Day CBD Wellbeing Experiment Naturopathica CBD Review

I write a lot about wellbeing here on the Camping with Style blog because for me camping is all about supporting my wellbeing, but it’s not the only thing I do to stay on an even keel.

Lockdown has been tough for all of us and I personally have seen an increase in anxiety that has made my insomnia worse. I had been looking for CBD and just before Christmas I actually bought some oil to try, but I hated the taste and never took it again.

When I was approached by Naturopathica to take part in a 30 day CBD wellbeing experiment, I of course said yes!

I received a 60 day supply and recorded how I felt each day for the first 30 days so I could share my experience with you. So read on if you’re curious about CBD and wondering if it might work for you.

The overview of CBD

While CBD is now in everything from (amazing) hair shampoo to body cream, there is still little hard evidence from clinical studies. That’s because, of course, large-scale clinical trials are expensive and largely funded only by big pharma, and their billion-pound companies simply wouldn’t benefit from them. Hence, a gap remains in the final hard research.

Finding the right level for you can take some trial and error, while finding the right way to do it depends on personal preference.

Even so, there are plenty of smaller studies and tons of anecdotal evidence to back up numerous benefits of CBD. From calming anxiety and digestion to getting better sleep, pain relief, and improved mental clarity, and getting benefits from one person, benefits from another person can be completely different.

My 30 day Naturopathica CBD wellbeing experiment

One of the biggest challenges in understanding CBD is realizing that not all CBD products are created alike, and the effectiveness of a tablet may differ from that of an oil or CBD that is applied topically.

In fact, the effectiveness of CBD can also be greatly influenced by the amount of CBD in the product. For most, this is around 5% which may be enough for some people to feel benefits, while for other products the percentage can be much higher and some people may not see benefits until they choose a product with a higher percentage.

Also keep in mind that in general, the higher the percentage of CBD, the more expensive it is. Finding the right level for you can take some trial and error, while finding the right way to do it depends on personal preference.

Then there is the perception of CBD to think about. Some still fear they might be using drugs, but in fact, THC is the active component of cannabis that you may be more familiar with.

It is the THC level that is responsible for creating that stoned feeling and the good quality therapeutic CBD has no measurable levels of THC so you won’t get high or get weeded in the way you smoke feel impaired.

Has taking Naturopathica CBD + capsules for 30 days worked for me?

After about a week of consistently taking it every day, I noticed a difference. I felt energized, brighter, and generally more positive. Sure, I’m a positive person anyway, but Lockdown 3 took its toll and after a few days I felt a bit of a fog.

I realized that I felt a lot more vivacious and brighter, and that I had more mental energy.

The past few months have felt pretty boring and difficult and I really wasn’t myself, but I realized that I felt a lot more lively and brighter and that I had more mental energy.

Naturopathica CBD capsules review

After reading it, I decided to take mine before bed and when it comes to sleep I may be the ideal person to measure the effects of CBD. I’m a notoriously bad sleeper even in the best of times, and my sleep has gotten even worse since I went through menopause.

While I have a flawless and well-practiced bedtime routine, when I don’t resort to emergency prescription medication, I take something like Nytol or Phenergan to get rid of me, so for me, aside from my usual 5HTP supplement, the decision not to do anything before bed taking it to see how CBD affects my sleep was a really big deal.

There were a handful of nights that getting down didn’t help me and by 3 a.m. I was still wide awake, but many nights I fell asleep after just taking my usual 5HTP and a CBD capsule. I really haven’t slept on my 5HTP without some form of sleep for almost 2 years.

For a normal sleeper who might not be a big deal, but for someone who often doesn’t fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning, even after taking a double dose of Nytol (I really don’t recommend resorting to it, by the way), without taking an over-the-counter sleeping pill sleep is a really big breakthrough.

The sleep was very different from the sleep I’ve gotten for the past few years or so. When my alarm went off in the morning, I found that I usually sleep very deeply and, oddly enough, it took me longer than usual to get out of bed (I usually just wake up on prescription sleeping pills in the morning!) So it feels as if I had gotten a proper, natural deep sleep for the first time in years.

Final thoughts on taking CBD

To be honest, with the days getting longer and increasing in meditation I’ve been doing lately, these things could also have contributed to my improved mood so I honestly can’t say for sure The CBD was alone, but I think it’s likely that it played a role and had a positive impact.

Naturapathica CBD ReviewAfter my 30 day trial, I bought Naturopathica CBD + Unwind

As a psychology nerd, I know quite a bit about the placebo effect, which shows how amazingly amazing and powerful our beliefs can be. Maybe I wanted the CBD to work and showing a confirmation bias that resulted in better, more natural sleep and an increase in positive mood? To be honest, I don’t care. Sleeping more naturally is invaluable to me.

The real evidence in testing something I’ve gifted is always whether I then become a paying customer and have since bought Naturopathica CBD + myself (this time I went for the Unwind formula). The experiences with them have been mostly positive .

I don’t get any setback for recommending them, but if you are thinking about CBD I urge you to do your research, and Naturopathica is well worth considering.


  • I very much prefer to take a pill as I’ve tried oil before and really couldn’t deal with the off-putting taste
  • The CBD + formula contains other supplements and minerals, so you can potentially save costs and eliminate the need to buy additional supplements that you might take separately
  • Easy-to-take tablets and different formulas to try, depending on what you want from e.g. B. want to benefit from better sleep, better well-being, more energy, etc.


  • £ 39.99 seems pretty expensive for 1 month delivery, but it’s on par with the price of similar CBD products

Here you can see the full range of Naturopathica CBD supplements.

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