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What is the My Happiest Trek Moment campaign?

To be honest, we're fed up with the negative news around us. You have to be too.

We are penned at home and don't meet people we love. We only get bad news that coronavirus is spreading its devilish arms. Almost every conversation is about coronavirus. It has become quite frustrating.

This is how we created a space that is as far away from corona virus as possible – into the trekking world that we all long for.

We are sure that as a trekker you will relive moments from your trek from time to time – it could be this euphoric moment when you finally reached the summit! It could be the moment you were moved to tears by a beautiful sunrise. It could be the time you spent alone on a campsite.

You are welcome to share your stories! We would be happy to present them! Here you will find all the steps for sending.

Here are some awesome stories Trekker sent us! 🙂

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| A few outsiders, but we did it!

“We are a group of 20 medical professionals after a challenging month in February when we had our final exams. We were waiting for our results, in the meantime we decided to climb Kedarkantha.

I was happy to be outside again. Back then I hardly knew that we were facing another mentally challenging time. The exhausting trip to Kotgaon, where I lost how often everyone vomited. Fortunately, we had a good night's rest in Kotgaon and made our way to Khujey in the early morning.

Five hours after the start of the hike, we found that nobody was adequately prepared to do this. A month of eating bouts due to stress had taken us seriously out of shape. We were supposed to reach Khujey at 2:00 p.m., but by then we were only halfway there. I could feel the team's frustration. When we reached the Dhaba, which was halfway there, many were starving and about to collapse.

Our hiking guide gathered in a huge circle, which we motivated ourselves, and played a crucial role in driving us through all this misery. We filled our stomachs to the brim and kept marching on, even though our bodies couldn't cope with the mental strain and the determination everyone had was amazing. We never gave up, even though the chances against us were high.

Looking back after returning from a successful summit climb from Kedarkantha. This was what kept us going, the determination never to give up your teammates, and the courage to pursue the unknown.

When I clicked on this picture, I could see that everyone had a goal in mind and was constantly chasing it, not complaining, and most of all, not giving up, even if every cell in our body shouted "Enough of this drudgery!"

As we made our way through this thick snow, "One small step at a time" rang in our ears. When we reached the summit at the end of a strenuous four-day hike, it wasn't so lonely up there. "- – S R Aravind Prakash

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| The moment that changed my perception

“In March 2019, my wife and I went on a winter hike to Kedarkantha with TTK. It was our first hike and yet an amazing life experience.

When I was a vacation traveler the first night in our base camp, we slept in a sleeping bag in a tent. I felt very bad that night and told my wife that we would be returning to Dehradun the next morning. It seemed a pretty bad idea to hike, but in the early morning I woke up at 5am, came out of my tent and, to my surprise, I saw such a beautiful view of the sunrise, snow-capped mountains, a lot of chirping birds and felt a wonderful experience that I have never felt in my life.

My mind changed, I told my wife that we would just stay here and continue our hike. It was a wonderland. We made a great relationship with other group members and finally got to the top with such a good team leader and 5 other guides who helped us a lot.

It was such a fascinating journey that I still close my eyes today and am in the mountains and pray that I would soon take another hike. Would love to go with Indiahikes next time. "- – Nitin M Kankaria

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| A song at the sight of the mighty Kanchenjunga

“The storm raged all night at the Sabargram campsite (Sandakphu Trek).

The expectation to see the Kanchanjunga massif so close to the path decreased due to the bad weather.

But something woke us all up in the morning. The weather gods were generous with us. When I opened my tent, I saw the highest peaks in the world staring at me, waiting for the sun to illuminate them. The clouds were below us and there was only the thin air that stood between me and the gigantic Kanchendzonga. The unthinkable unfolded before our eyes when the summit was covered by the golden rays of the sun.

It was the reward we all deserved after surviving inhospitable conditions and never losing hope. To pay our respects to the mountains, we sang the Bengali Kanchanjunga song in front of the almighty mountain. Kanchanjunga. This was a little more than all of my wildest dreams combined. We will remember this sight for a long time. "- – Shubham Thakare

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| Mt. Trishul – A diamond that glows in the dark

“This picture leads me back to the Roopkund trek with Indian hikes in May 2018.

The happiest moment at first was to reach the Bedni Bugyal campsite, which is at an altitude of around 300 m, and to describe the experience of the evening.

With a good lunch from IH chefs, the weather encouraged me to lean back in the grasslands before the gigantic but soothing view of the snow-covered Mount Trishul.

Over time, the climate became all the more pleasant as the sun's rays fell on Mount Trishul and the sky slowly and gradually changed its color from blue to little orange.

I couldn't take my eyes off Mount Trishul, but the changing colors of the sky illuminated me to extend the beauty to the whole area.

To experience this was a blessing for my eyes. When the sun was about to set, Mount Trishul shone brighter like "diamond in the dark".

Things turned into thoughts and there was peace of mind, calm, serenity, beauty, mysticism are some of the words I would use to describe the beauty.

The photo click does not describe the beauty of the moment, since the experience with the naked eye was much more than the photo click.

The eyes were open, no talking was required, only for a while I stared at the beauty of nature for hours and thanked the Almighty that I was allowed to experience it. "- – Chirag Parmanand

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| The moment I found new friends and let go of my fears 🙂

“This is probably the last picture of the Dayara Bugyal hike. Very close to the base camp. Indeed one of the most memorable. I am on the left and on the right you can see my trekking mate and now one of the dearest people I know, Giri. Up to this moment we have not spoken to each other properly during the entire trip. And after this moment, until today, we never ran out of topics to talk about.

Out of fear of heights, I couldn't muster the courage to stand on the wall and have pictures clicked like everyone else. But he insisted that I try. He helped me sit first and then gradually developed the confidence to stand. I was able to get up, although stiff and frozen. However, enjoyed it in every way. The picture is clicked by our friend Mythili, whom we love and love.

Share this picture to thank Indiahikes for meeting people who are here to stay with me for a long time. ”- Vishnushree Dalmia

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| A prospect to die!

“This was my first real hike to Muktinath in Nepal. It was April 2007. We were a group of four, including my cousin, our guide Chhewang and our porter Danny. After a 6-day hike from Beni near Pokhara, we had reached Kagbeni the other night. On our way we had covered beautiful landscapes that ranged from lush green to barren rocky trails. The great Kali Gandaki river had been our friend all along the way.

During the trip we had some of the best views of the majestic Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range that cannot be described in words.

After we climbed from Kagbeni to Muktinath, our guide Chhewang took me to a corner of the courtyard where our trekking hut was and this view was offered !!!

One of the best I've seen and definitely one that's etched forever. Here we can see the barley fields of Kagbeni, followed by the rain shadow stretch of the river bed that extends to Jomsom. And on the left of this picture is the Annapurna series in all its glory. A beautiful mix of green and barren that is so common in this part of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Even though I've been to the mountains many times, this view remains the highlight of my trekking experience and may not be easy to beat! "- – Tirthankar Roy

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| The day when the impossible became possible

“It was a test of my patience, my endurance, and to see that I was able to achieve impossible things.

As we climbed the Kedarkantha trek to our last campsite in Akhoti Thach, this path came along which we had to cross a huge branch of a tree. This branch was at a good height on a very narrow path that had to be climbed from the ground.

I decided to leave after most of my fellow trekkers climbed the branch with their backpacks on. It was a very dangerous task, as if your leg slipped and you were in the valley the next minute. My heart started to beat faster when I realized that I would soon have to climb this narrow path and cross the huge branch of a tree with my backpack.

Knowing that I could not stand up to climb the path with my backpack on, I tried everything myself without the help of our guides. I failed my first two attempts and wanted to cry that every one of my trekking friends could do it except me. But Cousin, who had accompanied me on the trek, kept encouraging me and guiding me how to raise myself to climb the height. With some boosting I was able to climb the path successfully, but the main task came next.

The terrible huge branch that should be crossed. And it was so big that you literally had to hug the branch and spread your legs wide to cross it. With the support of my brother and our guide, I somehow managed to achieve the impossible.

It was a moment of achievement for me and I have never been so happy and felt proud of myself. The special way taught me that I have the ability to accomplish things that I don't think I can achieve. All I have to do is put myself at my best limits and take on the task positively. "- – Aayushi Shah

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| Find my joy in simple things 🙂

“For me, the happiest moment is not just a moment when you smile and enjoy, but a moment that reminds you of what makes you happy. It is this moment that defines what you should pay attention to to be happy in life.

After our hike to the Brahma Valley summit at the end of March 2019, we still had about half a day before departure. While exploring Lohajung City, we came across this small school where children from grades 1 through 7 were taught. (Don't remember the exact strength.)

One of our treks, who was aware of this, had pencil scales and erasers that he could distribute to the children.

Since the hike itself left a lasting impression in our hearts, this little act of friendliness was icing on the cake. The smile on those little faces was deeply touching. The sight humiliated us and learned one thing.

Happiness has to be sought in small things. I believe and follow him to this day. "- – Nandan Venkatesh

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| At that moment we were experiencing euphoria amidst snow

"I ventured my first Himalayan trek" Rupin Pass "at the end of September last year. TL Tanmay Angre, Guide Subhash, sweeper Raka and we 19 trekking colleagues were super excited and enjoyed climbing. On the 4th day we reached the Udakanal camp. If you are in the middle of mountains, the weather is unpredictable. Less snow was expected at the beginning of October, but to our surprise there was occasional rain in Udakanal and snow in higher altitudes. The next morning, TL announced that two teams that were ahead of us were unable to move forward and return due to heavy snow. We doubted our fate whether we would end the hike or not.

On the 6th day, Lord Indra was merciful and the rain stopped. We made our way to the Dhanderas camp so that we could experience at least the lower and upper waterfalls of the Rupin. With this spirit we drove through dense forest of tall pines and muddy paths. When we arrived, we were fascinated by the view of the mighty Rupin Pass, which was covered with fresh snow.

The sky was clear until 4 p.m., later it started to snow on the upper campsite. At 5:30 p.m., the Indiahikes technical expert called a meeting and gave facts about 5-foot snowfall. He introduced: "The weather is not favorable, we have to respect the mountains and we would all return to Dhaula the next morning." We asked the technical experts to make the decision the next morning based on the weather scenario. He was adamant, we had to agree with this man, we had no choice. We have all asked to agree to the decision based on the situation.

The next morning at 5:30 a.m. TL came to our tents and said, "Guys, get ready, we're going up." His words seemed like a dream, but they were real. God preferred and the weather was clear. We climbed to the upper waterfall camp that day.

On the 8th day, at 4 a.m., we started the last climb with microspikes, headlights and a good mood. In the dark, with freezing temperatures and falling snow, climbing on icy mountains was difficult. When we arrived halfway on the slope, we were informed to stop moving. A flock of lamb crosses the Rupin Pass from the other side. Flowing water from rocks turned to snow. It was a scary situation, anyone who slipped out of position would drop the entire team off the slope, which would result in a fatal accident.

The hailstorm started when we climbed to the summit. Finally, with God's grace, we surely reached the top. We were relieved and the team enjoyed euphoria when there was snow. "- – Manish Wadhwani

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| Life lesson on the Roopkund Trek

“To be honest, my happiest moment is a cliché. It is the moment when we have reached the Roopkund summit. One might wonder what the big problem is. But it was still our first hike.

We started planning this hike around January 2016 and set the dates from June 4th to June 11th, 2016. Little did we know what we were getting into. Since it was our first hike, we made all beginners mistakes. Not trained enough, underestimated the challenges we had to face and the relaxed approach with the basic equipment we needed. So when I say a stick brought me upstairs, I'm not kidding since I didn't even have trekking poles with me! We were 5 friends and unfortunately 2 of them couldn't make it to the top. They had to stop in Pathar Nachauni. I accuse myself of pushing everyone. But we learned very important lessons that day. Everyone who asked me about this hike wanted me to advise them to prepare better physically and mentally than we were.

I am now an experienced trekker. I have done more than 15 hikes (including high and low altitude hikes) and plan to do it again this December if the corona situation allows it. But this first wasn't just a hike. It was a life lesson! One that we will never forget. I've become smarter in these 7 days than in 7 months before. "- – Parth Palan

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