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What is the My Happiest Trek Moment campaign?

To be honest, we're fed up with the negative news around us. You have to be too.

We are penned at home and don't meet people we love. We only get bad news that coronavirus is spreading its devilish arms. Almost every conversation is about coronavirus. It has become quite frustrating.

This is how we created a space that is as far away from corona virus as possible – into the trekking world that we all long for.

We are sure that as a trekker you will relive moments from your trek from time to time – it could be this euphoric moment when you finally reached the summit! It could be the moment you were moved to tears by a beautiful sunrise. It could be the time you spent alone on a campsite.

Here are the last fantastic stories Trekker sent us! ๐Ÿ™‚

| The hike that brought me closer to my son ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œMy first hike was in the second week of January 2019 with my son to Nagtibba. It was our first trip together.

It was a very refreshing experience for me. Since I could rediscover myself internally and I had a great time with my son who is 14 years old.

I think we had a better bond and understanding after this trip. We're more like friends now and he shares more of his feelings than before.

I felt that it was an eye opener for me personally.

And I should mention the team that I did trek with. It was a really great company and our trekking leader LEO. What can I say? I love you Leo! You made my experience better, I feel.

Above all, I should once again express that the trip really changed the bond between my son and me.

Thank you, Indiahikes. "- – Santosh Pandala

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| A story of the youngest I on the most powerful Himalayas ๐Ÿ™‚

"We were on the Roopkund trek on our way to Bhagwabhasa and there was a lot of snow, so much that the previous teams could only climb to Bhagwabhasa. However, our trekking leader and the team tried with hope.

It was 5 in the morning and it was freezing cold! We had another trekking expert called Venkat Uncle who accompanied us all the way up. The struggle to get up early, climb steeply and the bitter cold was defeated by the beautiful landscape around us! The fresh snow and the first golden sunshine in the mighty Himalayan areas were unbeatable! It brought me so many emotions. I had never felt so alive ๐Ÿ™‚

Being the youngest on the trek (14 years old) made this trek even more special because everyone looked after me so much.

On the same day, Venkat's uncle told me something that touched my heart: "You laugh so much, and your smile makes the rest of the group happy, I really love your laugh." I was speechless! This was really one of the best hikes I've ever been on and I will always appreciate these special moments !! "- – Mrugangi Mehta

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| A blessing from the Almighty

โ€œIt's about an enthusiastic, naive and annoying sixteen-year-old boy, me.

I hiked Har Ki Dun shortly after my tenth board exams and, like every other rebel teenager, wanted to go to Goa with all my classmates. It was my father who encouraged me and a good friend to try trekking with indiahikes.

With my broken dreams of another trip, I didn't know that I was going on such a spectacular trip that nothing could compare to my previous plans. This is where the path to self-discovery started for me.

The first three days were the hardest days of my life because it was way outside my comfort bubble. The summit day was the biggest challenge and I had given up hope of reaching the summit.

The night before the summit was strangely calm, as if an energy was forcing me to go forward. Our trekking guide had previously told us that the possibility of the group reaching the summit was very small, as all the groups ahead of us had to return due to the weather.

When I woke up the next morning to tell my guide that I couldn't finish the hike, something held me back for a reason I couldn't understand. I vowed to do my best through the storm, if it be.

We all expected the weather to worsen, but to our surprise it was as perfect as it could be, like a blessing from Almighty Shiva so we could go on. With a lot of motivation from the entire team and the trekking guide Karan, I was able to climb to the summit.

The first breath I took there was not victory, but gratitude, first the mountain, the energy and the whole team. This was a life changing episode for me that I must not forget how it shaped my life. "- – Abhinav Prasad

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| An evening of uncanny and bliss

โ€œWe reached Tungnath on the third day of the Deoria Tal-Chandrashila Trek via the winding mountain path, which is covered with the shadows of pine and rhododendron trees all around.

In the afternoon we experienced a heavenly moment. It is time for the sun to set over the horizon, it is time for the cattle to return home. The sound of the bells hanging around her neck could be heard from far away. It is time for the horses that graze in the green pastures to also return to their homes.

Amidst all of this, another bell could be heard from the top of the mountain. The darkness of the night is approaching, the temperatures are falling much faster than it should. We hurry in the light of dusk and gather on the temple grounds with some other local Garhwali people and a handful of other people who want to be part of this experience.

The priest has already started preparing for the evening Aarti. The diya is illuminated in the sanctuary. The dark, mysterious stone sanctuary shines with a soft golden aura from its light. And in the midst of it all is the Tunganath Mahadev in the form of a self-supporting shivling with a mysterious yet magical presence.

The evening begins, the bells ring and the priests sing the air together with a new kind of energy and excitement. The foot-long shivling is adorned with wild mountain flowers in various colors. A tripundra or trishul is drawn with red and yellow sandalwood paste for shivling.

I look outside to see how many people have gathered in the temple district when I am stunned by what I see in front of me – it is something so amazing and eerie that I just sit and look at the view in front of me can stare, which is loud Bells are ringing a soft, sweet melody in the background now around me.

It seems as if Mother Nature had also prepared for her evening – the mighty mountain, which is surrounded by darkness, looks like the Swayambhu, which stands there in all its splendor – terrifying and yet fascinating. The setting sun left the sky with a beautiful canvas, which is painted with different lines of blood red, yellow, orange, blue and many other colors. The sparkling lights of the small villages in the distant mountains look like the jewels that adorn the mountain.

It's a nice experience, it feels unreal, it feels so overwhelming and at the same time so comforting. I sit and watch until the curtain falls and the mountains are covered by the darkness of the night sky. "- – Subhankar Ghosh

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| The moment that brought a smile of love and absolute bliss

โ€œI was working when I received an email from India Walks outlining an excellent idea for dealing with this pandemic. And before I could read the whole post, there was a small but enthusiastic, rainbow-filled smile on my face among all my patients. My thoughts had already gone to the mountain top that I had climbed on February 21, 2020, the auspicious day of Shivratri.

It will always be one of the moments closest to my heart, a hike that made me very happy like a child and I wish I could show my feelings through words, but I'm afraid I can't. Brahmatal Trek, the reasons why it will always be my happy place to be in my thoughts are numerous, but to share a few, it was first my first solo trek.

Simply the best. It is rightly said that when you travel alone you always discover something that you did not know existed within you. And on the day of our summit, it started to snow and I was sad when everyone in the base camp said that the hike will not take place and I sat like a child and thought I was coming here and could not see the summit, Shalini What have you done wrong? And then suddenly my hiking guide Hari said the impossible that he and he should start our hike and see them and be left to Mahadev.

Of course it was Shivratri. We were halfway there when the snow started to fall at a speed I had never seen or felt before, but something in me told me I couldn't stop. And when I reached the top of my cheek with snow-kissed abrasions, I could only feel bliss, gratitude, love and pure happiness.

I literally smiled like a child, just smiled. I still clearly remember that something about my own smile was very pure that morning. "- – Shalini Sachan

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| A hike with countless innovations and lasting peace! ๐Ÿ™‚

โ€œThere were countless innovations for me on the Kedarkantha Trek. For things that I thought were the easiest, the hardest. For things that I thought I couldn't survive without that I grew up with.

It was difficult to find a picture to justify all the stories that the entire hike gave me. There is a lot of nostalgia about the yellow tents – snowfall – starry nights – rippling small streams – little dhabas on the way up – tiny houses on the way to the base camp – tall and bushy conifers – extremely good food – versatile guy hiker – toilet paper too the orange and purple tents – black floor – brown floor – mica floor – pine cones – slippery paths – no break on this path – falling stars – knee-deep snow and much more.

I never thought if a place could ever really make me completely and peacefully happy. But then the summit took place. There could be no peace I was looking forward to and maybe nothing so happy that my eyes could feel it too. "- – Aayushi Parakh

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| The day I whispered in the Himalayas – See you next time!

โ€œThe Himalayan Trekking Hampta Pass offers a contrasting picture of the lush green forests of Kulu and the abandoned Spiti. It attracts hikers and hikers while "honey attracts flies".

In 2019, the story was a little different, the year the snowfall was so high that the transition was almost out of reach. Meanwhile, I stood in front of my mirror and considered myself a budding trekker.

From Manali we reached our first campsite Jobra, the mystical views of the valley could be observed. The terrain was breathtaking, believe me, the memories will last a lifetime. Wait, that's not the coolest part.

There was another side: the adrenaline rush. When I walked over a glacier with crevasses with a flowing river, the famous river crossing to Chikka, paved the way through a large glacier, just before I reached the Balu-ka-ghera campsite, it was raining with drizzle, which made the snow slippery โ€œ, But my trekking team and my trekking leader have strengthened my confidence.

On the day of the summit, we climbed towards our destination, the Hampta Pass. The morning was good with the sun shining and no clouds. We started with a lot of energy to climb the snow-covered pass, as in the Disney film "Frozen".

Gradually the steepness hit us hard, although we were ready for it. We had to climb 14,100 feet. After hours of trekking we reached the Hampta summit and at that moment there was suddenly a cloud. It was like nature celebrating our achievement and welcoming us with open arms.

The sky was covered with clouds and it started to snow. We wore our ponchos. All the pain and hard work felt like an act, it was time to be happy. The size of the mountains was extreme. In our judgment society it is believed: "A man who cries is not a good thing", but this moment almost made me cry, so I checked.

Now when someone asks me, I say "I keep going" because I know it will be different every time. Camping under the sky from where you can watch the entire galaxy, the picturesque sunset in Balu-ka-ghera, drink chilled mountain water and slide down from the Hampta summit is what I really miss now. When we left Manali, I said, "See you next time Bella Ciao" – Rohit Roy

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| Anticipating the first ray of light in Sandakphu

โ€œThis photo was taken the morning after we arrived in Sandakphu. Our hiking guide had already informed us of the beautiful sunrise from Sandakphu and there was no chance that I would miss it.

We got up early and went about a kilometer from our tents and arrived at the viewpoint long before the time. The first beam of light hit and it was the greatest view ever.

I thought about the mental and physical preparation, the difficult paths and the courage it took me to finally get there. I also saw how small we are compared to the whole creation and how we take everything for granted. The joy, the exuberance, the lesson and the knowledge made everything worthwhile and it was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Thanks Indiahikes. "- – Nilay Chowdhury

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| The day of the adrenaline-fueled adventure!

โ€œWe were on our third day of the Hampta Pass hike in mid-July. It was also the day when we climbed the highest point and endured the cold and high. It was the ultimate moment of the hike we had been waiting for weeks and we were finally there.

Shortly after the summit, we had to quickly descend into the Spiti valley. However, the descent into the valley was quite steep and we had to follow a zigzag route along the walls of a high cliff. However, the last stretch of the descent turned out to be the highlight of the adventure on the entire route. Due to the heavy snowfall this year, the last drop of the cliff was under thick snow. The only way to get into the valley was to slide down the slope on a snow-covered path.

However, it was easier said than done. In order to reach the starting point of the slide on the snow-covered spot, we had to walk with extreme caution and hardly any grip up a 45-50 degree slope. There were many risky moments on the hike at that time, but this one really managed to petrify me the most.

I somehow managed to get to the point where the slide starts. Finally, with the support of the trekking ladder, with my backpack, a few falls on the way and a fascinating experience that I could share, I managed to slide down the 80-100 meter slope. In the end it turned out to be a really successful experience! When I look back on this hike today, which was also my first, I immediately remember that day. I hope to be back soon! "- – Soudipan Maity

Indiahikes - My happiest trek moment

| A wedding of the clouds

โ€œThe worst thing you can have during a hike is diarrhea and mood swings.

I should make it clear at the beginning that I am not an avid trekker, and when I signed up for the Sandakphu Phalut trek, I was fully aware that I was not in my best physical fitness. However, since I was tempted to take a few photos, I got on the train.

We had reached Sandakphu and started the day hiking to Phalut. I could tell that the hikes of the past two days had made me tired, but I didn't want others to stop for me. During the hike, however, I found that the semi-cooked food of the hiking hut is also affected and I have mild diarrhea.

It was raining in parts and I, tired and sick and having to retreat to the side of the forest once or twice, found myself alone. And since the route was completely covered with clouds, I couldn't find my friends either. My mind was completely depressed.

I felt depressed. I felt consumed by the silence around me and wanted to go back to the hustle and bustle of the city to which I belong. I wanted to lie down and let my mother take care of me. However, I had no choice and had to continue. Then the best happened.

At a turn, I suddenly got rid of the cloud cover and met this breathtaking beauty! Green valley in front and blue areas in the background entangled with clouds. The sky was heavily covered with clouds, but there was a red of the sunset somewhere. It seemed like the clouds were on a journey from below to marry the mighty cloud cover above and leave their possessive mountain partners behind.

I cried for joy. It was really the happiest moment I had. It raised my spirits. All my ailments were suddenly gone and I was like a colt, good to go again.

I soon found my comrades. Although we couldn't finish the hike and stopped somewhere near Moley, the moment I had towards evening was the best and happiest moment in my life! "- – Siddhartha Banerjee

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