‘Mylo’ Highlights The eventful history of the Navajo photographer, Navajo Community


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Chris Burkard’s latest film “Mylo” turns the lens of acclaimed photographer Mylo Fowler. And it’s a moving tribute to a man’s quest to make a difference for his people through art, spirit and passion.

It almost feels like a naughtiness to summarize a movie that is just meant to be watched. The scope of ‘Mylo’ encompasses both a personal journey and an ethos of helping. And the focus is on Navajo photographer Mylo Fowler.

Fowler’s inherent talent behind the lens translates into his ability to help his people. And by selling his photography, he fought a conservation crisis for his people when the Gold King Mine spilled poisoned the San Juan River, a major source of water for the Navajo Nation.

Fowler funded a drinking water storage facility through its photography sales. And he has equipped more than 250 houses in the reserve with solar power systems to ensure a sustainable power supply for the future.

The story is moving, but the cinematography matches. As it should. The film was directed by international powerhouse Chris Burkard. And Fowler’s work goes a long way.

For a little over 16 minutes, the audience is not only led into a different landscape, but also into a different heart. These Chris Burkard x Sony Alpha Film is worth your time. Hop in.

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