New Robens Gully & Icefall sleeping luggage use modern insulation

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Robens’ award-winning sleeping bags introduce two breakthrough insulative fillings that improve performance so you can rest and fully recharge as you prepare for the next day’s adventure.

The most important new insulation filling is the MicroThermo Ball, which exactly mimics the down. It’s made from lightweight polyester clusters that are engineered to provide down-like compression and loft.

Like down, it quickly traps large amounts of air to improve insulation and comfort while maintaining a compact pack size. It differs from down in that it has efficient moisture management, which ensures that performance is maintained in humid conditions. It’s perfect for those who would benefit from a down sleeping bag but conditions, ethics, allergies and price tags preclude it.

Thermo Hybrid Down combines the support and efficient moisture management of MicroThermo Ball with the low weight, superior compression and excellent loft of down. It provides exceptionally soft, high-performance insulation for activities that require lightweight, compact equipment that is suitable for demanding conditions.

Thermo Hybrid Down and MicroThermo Ball are used in two new rows of sleeping bags.

Robens Gully sleeping bags

Four new different filling weights of PFC-free Robens gully sleeping bags offer all the advantages of down and synthetic fillings in a small pack size. ThermoHybrid Down offers home comfort and is used for top insulation and the MicroThermo Ball on the base, foot and head for improved insulation and quick drying properties in areas where moisture can occur.

The wide comfort mummy cut with a shark fin foot box construction allows freedom of movement, while the brushed lining material offers high moisture transfer for comfort. Drafts and heat loss are minimized by the newly defined position and the redefined neck baffle. All cords differ in thickness and structure and can be easily adjusted by touch.

YKK two-way zipper options are offered for either left or right hand with automatic locking. All have anti-snag zipper protectors with full length insulated zipper flap. Features include a pillow pocket in the hood, two mesh pockets, hanger loops and a compression bag.

Robens Icefall Pro sleeping bag

The three weights in the new PFC-free Robens Icefall Pro sleeping bags use MicroThermo Ball in a box wall construction for improved insulation. The brushed lining material offers high moisture transfer for more comfort.

The design features 3D hood and body contour profiles as well as a shark fin foot box with additional insulation to optimize the warmth to weight ratio. Heat loss is further minimized by redefined neck baffles, double-sided zipper baffles and a high-waisted elastic cord that can be adjusted with one hand, which keeps the sleeping bag in place while sitting. The simple adjustment is made by pull cords on one side.

The high-quality YKK center zip with automatic locking is perfect for small tents, hammocks and bushcraft situations. Features include coat hangers, mesh storage sack and compression sack. A quilting option provides additional warmth if required and is particularly welcome when the temperature is evening.

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