New survey on local weather change: rejection is over, alarm is in.

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Americans now say they are alarmed about the climate crisis almost four times more often than they are against it.

This is the highest rate since the Yale Climate Change Communication Program (YPCCC) began in 2008, when data on American attitudes toward climate change was collected for the first time. According to survey data, more than a quarter of the adult US population – 26 percent – thinks global warming and its consequences are alarming. That's more than double the 11 percent who were alerted in 2015 and almost four times the 7 percent who currently say the climate is not changing.

The data comes from a YPCCC project called Six Americas by Global Warming that divides Americans into six groups based on their opinion on climate change. Using data from a YPCCC survey called Climate Change in the American Mind, the researchers identify where respondents stand on a continuum of climate concerns.

People fall into the “alarmed” category when their survey responses show that they are very concerned about climate change. These people fully believe in the reality of global warming and the need for far-reaching political and individual action to deal with climate change. Those who end up in the "affected" countries think climate change is bad news but prioritize action less, and those in the "cautious" category recognize that the earth is warming but are not aware of its causes or necessity convinced to take any action.

"Decoupled" people have never been told that the climate is changing, while the "dubious" ones suspect it isn't actually happening. The "unwelcoming" category refers to your persistent uncle who denies the science of man-made climate change. He is against most climate policies.

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