NHS Authorized Cognitive Coaching App Sees Report Covid Downloads

Covid-19 has been an extremely stressful time for many and while we’ve had to put a hold on much face-to-face contact over the past few months, it has been healthtech that has truly shown its potential.

The MyCognition app has seen a 184% rise in downloads when compared with March 2019 according to the NHS GoodThinking website. Interestingly, this was prevalent amongst women with three times as many women using the app than men, particularly those over 50 with a 69% rise comparatively year on year.

NHS Approved Mental Health App

Unlike many mental health apps, MyCognition is NHS-approved and supported with clinical evidence to prove its success. In fact, a recent study from the University of Antwerp showed the beneficial impact MyCognition can have on women recovering from breast cancer, and what is commonly known as ‘Chemo brain’.

The app improves your cognition – that is, your memory, concentration and focus through daily cognitive training, that in turns helps t improve your mental health, performance and quality of life.

Keiron Sparrowhawk, founder and CEO of MyCognition says: “The pandemic has been an extremely worrying time for all of us but it’s reassuring to see so many people taking preventative action to improve their mental health before it’s too late. The healthier our cognition is, the more resilient we are to stress and the better at controlling our response to trauma, injury or infections.”

Once you’ve completed your cognitive assessment (MyCQ), you download the AquaSnap app to do a daily, active meditation, which is personalised and adapted bespoke to your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Wellbeing app

The areas the app focuses on

  1. Attention – concentrating on one task at a time, blocking distractions. This is especially topical in today’s society where we have so many forms of entertainment battling for our attention.
  2. Processing speed – speed and accuracy. Your ability to perform sequences of tasks with smoothness, accuracy and co-ordination.
  3. Episodic memory – your recall of past experiences and events.
  4. Working memory – calculations and problem solving – finding solutions to make decisions.
  5. Executive function – planning, organising, creativity and control of our emotions.

The MyCognition app has been hailed as “a true differentiator in the field” according to a report for The Gates Foundation, who reported MyCognition as a world-leading cognitive health company.

MyCognition apps are available to download from the app stores on any iOS and Android device. HOME is available via direct subscription; PRO and ED require a pre-paid license.

Find out more about MyCognition app here.        

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Please be aware this is not free, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan to use the app.

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