Nimsdai & Group Summit in winter on the ‘Savage Mountain’ K2

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On January 16, 2021 at 5 p.m. local time, Osprey Ambassador Nimsdai Purja MBE made the impossible possible again by reaching the summit of K2 in winter.

The superhuman mountaineer Nimsdai is one of the first teams to climb the K2 in winter. This is viewed by many as not only impossible, but also one of the greatest and most difficult challenges for mountaineers of all time. Nimsdai and Mingma Gyabu Sherpa have put together two more expeditions, Mingma Gyalje Sherpa’s team and Sona Sherpa from the Seven Summits Trek expedition.

To date, the impressive 8,611 m long K2 was the only 8,000 m high summit that was not climbed during the winter season. Notorious in the climbing community, K2, the ‘Savage Mountain’, is incredibly difficult to climb even in cheap summers. Among the five highest peaks in the world, K2 is the deadliest of them all.

Although K2 is a really dangerous place in winter, with winds that reach hurricane strength, air temperatures well below -65 degrees and extremely low air pressure, which means even less oxygen, Nimsdai conquered “Savage Mountain”.


Last year Osprey Nimsdai celebrated the completion of Project Possible and climbed the 14 highest mountains in the world in 6 months and 6 days. The previous record was barely 8 years old, which made Nimsdai a real world record breaker.

Past achievements show what an incredible power Nimsdai is. An exceptional mountaineer who, due to his training, mindset and determination, is able to achieve things that surpass even the most experienced climber. By conquering K2 in winter, Nimsdai Purja is rewriting climbing history again.

“What a journey. I am humble to say that as a team we climbed the great K2 in extreme winter conditions. We set out to make the impossible possible and we are honored to share this moment not only with the Nepalese climbing community but with communities around the world. Mother Nature has bigger and bigger things to say and stands on the summit, testifying to the sheer strength of her extremities. We are proud to have been part of human history and to show that collaboration, teamwork and a positive mental attitude can push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. Thank you for the support we have received from people all over the world. She gave us fire in our chests in order to achieve this goal. “Says Nimsdai Purja, Osprey Ambassador.

Gary Burnand, Marketing Director at Osprey Europe added:

“Today we saw Nimsdai rewrite climbing history again, and from everyone at Osprey, I would like to personally congratulate Nimsdai and his teams on this incredible achievement.

Climbing the K2 in winter is not only one of the greatest, but also the toughest mountaineering challenge of all time, and Nimsdai was able to successfully complete his mission with his determination, mental and physical strength. This is truly an inspiration to all of us, given the limitations many of us are under. “

Osprey grabs

Nimsdai has relied on Osprey’s industry-leading technical backpacks for its toughest climb to date, including the all-new Talon Pro backpack and the Transporter Duffel series. The state-of-the-art Talon Pro was developed for use in extreme outdoor environments and is the culmination of relentless innovation.

The ultra-molecular polyethylene PFC-free fabric offers extreme durability, while an injection molded back panel ensures hyperstability and comfort.

The Talon Pro is part of Osprey’s innovative Spring 2021 collection – available from February ’21. The ultimate package if you want to be quick and easy.

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