Observe: An unconventional bass fishing system with unlikely beginnings

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Two Chicago bass anglers innovated and created a stencil that caught fire. Then Catch Co. caught up with them and took it to the next level.

It takes a relentless kind of angler to create something new. And when urban Bass angler JayPee Hey and Ryan Whitacre pooled their obsessive talents to create the Baby Firework Super Jig. That’s exactly what happened.

A new film from Catch Co. describes the story from the start Bulk goods. It turns out that being a two-man band making jigs from scratch is difficult. But Hey and Whitacre were up to something.

Catch Co. partnered with the couple and through Karl’s Bait & Tacklethey were able to bring this unique device aimed at urban fishing on the market.

Catch the full story and grab the bass of your life with skyscrapers looming over you.

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Nicole Qualtieri

By Nicole Qualtieri

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