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Ontario Spring Turkey Hunting Season 2021

Mar 2

Ontario Turkey Hunting Season Opening Soon!

Now that spring is here, turkey hunting season will be here before you know it. In Ontario, there are a few things to remember before you go out. 

Each hunter must ensure they have completed their hunter education course and has their outdoors card. They also need to have their games license for the year if they want to hunt. It needs to be purchased each year you want to hunt. Don’t forget the turkey tags. Keep your tags safe with a sleeve as they can be easily damaged. If you are caught with an untagged turkey by a conservation officer, it could lead to a $300 fine. 

Remember, only bearded turkeys are fair game for hunting. This rule is in place to protect turkey hens throughout the laying season, so no harm comes to them or their babies. There is a two bag bird limit during the spring hunting season and they are special equipment that you may want to buy to get your limit. 

Due to turkeys wanting to find their mate during the spring, having a decoy, along with camouflage, could be the difference between reaching your limit and not. Having a turkey call will help lure the turkeys that are in rut out of their habitats. However, the most important piece of equipment is your shotgun and proper turkey ammo.

The rules for turkey hunting season are set in stone. During the spring hunting season, a hunter can buy up to two turkey tags, but can only bag one turkey in a day. No rifles are permitted to be used when hunting turkeys. Only bows or shotguns can be used. In the springtime, hunting hours are limited between a half hour before sunrise to 7:00 p.m. Hunting on private land must be admissible by the land owner. Trespassing is still a crime, even during turkey hunting season. 

Gather up your decoys, camo, shotguns, and be safe while hunting the turkeys this spring. 

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