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OnX Backcountry is a GPS navigation platform that provides outdoor recreational athletes of all kinds with detailed route descriptions and photos, map customization tools, and offline maps that can be used when cellular service is not available.

While a large part of a map app’s utility is to customize maps to suit your needs, Finding new opportunities with onX Backcountry is one of the main selling points. The app contains instructions for many well-known hiking trails and at the same time shows many less traveled options.

OnX is best known for its first product, the onX Hunt app, the changed the landscape for hunters who overcome complex land ownership boundaries and hunting units. The Hunt app followed onX Offroad, a map and navigation system for off-road enthusiasts who often struggle with open and closed trails, complex trail networks and the importance of knowing the difficulty of a route before leaving the starting point.

OnX backcountry is based on the same technology but is tailored for hikers, backpackers, skiers, and other human-powered explorers.

The Backcountry app has Trail Mode and Snow Mode, two overlapping features that allow users to view the maps that are best for their activities. For example, in snow mode, users can view slope angle data and avalanche forecasts. This information is intended to help the backcountry powder hunters stay safe and informed.

Discover the onX Backcountry App

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Main features of onX backcountry

  • Explore hiking trails or powder playgrounds with guide-like adventures
  • Reliable offline maps
  • Custom waypoints (add notes and photos and then share with friends within the app)
  • Real-time GPS location tracking
  • Trail incline and mileage
  • Avalanche forecasts and slope angle shading
  • Satellite, topographical and hybrid basemap as well as 3D maps (iOS only)

OnX Backcountry Screenshots of Maps Waypoints WeatherPhoto courtesy of onX Backcountry

Read between the lines

The onX backcountry app The expanded library includes more than 650,000 miles of hiking trails and 30,000 detailed travel guide maps. These data-rich adventures include information like full descriptions, photos, elevation changes, POIs, and more.

With the app, viewers can choose between satellite and topographic basemaps or the hybrid basemap, a view in which topo lines are displayed over satellite images. In addition, 3D maps are also available on iOS devices.

The app also has data-rich features like Trail Slope, which shows a color-coded view of the trail inclines and gives a quick look at the difficulty or a detailed picture of where the quad burning might kick in.

Last year, Jeff Garmire discontinued an unsupported FKT on the Colorado Trail. That year he ventured into Death Valley using routes cobbled together by websites. New to onX, he sees potential in the detailed information in the app for future adventures.

“The visibility and continuous updating of the trails in onX Backcountry makes it much easier to plan shortcuts and trips in general. The planning aspect is where onX Backcountry will be very helpful, ”said Garmire.

To go offline

And onX Backcountry has offline maps. These provide access to your location when cellular service is miles behind you. Before you start driving, you can save an area of ​​the map on your phone. The app allows users to save offline map areas that are 5, 10, and 150 miles wide, with the highest resolution shown at smaller sizes.

After saving an offline map before a trip, users can view all map markers, such as: For example, you can share custom waypoints that indicate a meeting point or a remote campsite with friends and family. Renowned mountaineer Joe Grant used onX backcountry during a trip to the Grand Canyon and gave his own testimony of his offline ability.

“The offline map feature is one of my favorite features,” Grant affirmed. “I saved all of my map segments before heading into the canyon and then kept my phone in airplane mode to save battery while running. Access to high-resolution, detailed maps outside of reception is an invaluable tool in the backcountry. “

Meanwhile, the tracker feature allows real-time GPS tracking of a route as you travel miles or grind backcountry powder. This information can then be shared with friends to help them on their next trip – or just to brag about the day you had without them.

To top it off, onX recently announced a partnership With Somewear Labs This allows users with an onX Backcountry membership and a Somewear Global Hotspot to share waypoints from within the app without the need for cellular service. The brand says this novel integration will continue to transform backcountry navigation.

OnX backcountry tracking screenshotPhoto courtesy of onX Backcountry

For whom is that?

According to onX, the backcountry app is intended for adventurers of all skill and experience levels. For this purpose, it offers detailed route information and current avalanche forecasts from the American Avalanche Association For example for gnarled ski tours. However, similar attention was paid to day hikes near the house with advice on how to get to the starting point and photos along the route.

Hikers can set supply points and share them with friends using custom maps. The tracking feature allows friends and family members to use the app to monitor their progress without the need for cellular service.

Additional features such as 7-day weather forecasts and public land borders provide information to help users prepare before heading into the hinterland. Security-oriented tools like the ability to share planned locations provide security for those waiting at home.

OnX backcountry skisPhoto courtesy of onX Backcountry

The onX Backcountry app is new, and the brand said future updates will include tens of thousands more guide-quality adventure descriptions and additional features. It’s backed by a customer service team in Montana ready to answer questions.

Whether you’re new to the outdoors or an adrenaline junkie looking for pristine powder, onX Backcountry has tools that help adventure seekers stay safer and make more informed decisions in the backcountry. Try a 7-day free trial before opting for the first year of $ 30 access.

Discover the onX Backcountry App

This article is sponsored by onX. Learn more about the other offline GPS maps Here.

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