onX Mapping App acquires Journey Tasks Community

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Montana-based hunting and overland app company onX has just acquired a variety of other outdoor technologies in the Adventure Projects network.

Made famous for its rich maps and functions OnX has really caused a sensation for hunters and travelers in the hinterland in recent years. The once humble hunting navigation tool celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019 and took Equipment of the year this month.

OnX announced today that it has acquired Adventure Projects, Inc., a network of websites and mobile apps with content specific to climbing, mountain biking, skiing, hiking and other outdoor recreation. The Adventure Projects network mainly provides information on trail or route conditions, difficulty level, travel advice and much more.

“Our mission is to instill the adventurer in everyone,” said Chris Hamilton, onX VP of product management. “We look forward to supporting the unrivaled and passionate community of Adventure Projects. Your outdoor guides have inspired millions of climbers, hikers, skiers, trail runners and bikers alike. Our goal is to offer everyone the best possible outdoor experience. “

Onx and adventure projectsThe full network of Adventure Project and onX apps

Adventure Projects has gone through a number of transitions. It was first acquired by REI in 2015, then in May of this year. The partnership was amicably split. Co-founder and CEO Nick Wilder was thrilled to be back at the top of the suite of Adventure Projects sites. Adventure Projects is now on the way to its next partnership – and adventure.

“I couldn’t be more excited to work with onX and explore the next evolution of adventure projects,” said Wilder.

Through the acquisition, onX will continue to work with the network of contributors, its administrators and Wilder from Adventure Projects. OnX also plans to work with outdoor and nonprofit partners to expand its investment in Protection of public land access.

This is how you give onX a try

onx backcountry app

The app has been expanded and expanded from a simple cartographic tool for hunters to an extensive network of off-road, hunting and multi-purpose trails with publicly accessible boundaries, information on the campsite, information on hiking trails and much more. We tested it this spring and were very impressed.

OnX Offroad Maps costs $ 30 per year for the basic subscription. However, you can sign up for a 7-day trial for free Here. Currently, Adventure Projects apps are free to download and use. Look at her Here.

onX Hunt also helps you find unfamiliar fishing waters

onX Hunt also helps you find unfamiliar fishing waters

Finding new fish spots often depends on word of mouth. It’s a privileged and mysterious business – unless you have the onX Hunt app around. Continue reading…

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