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There are few things as comforting as a worn out hoodie. I’ve worn them all my life, but after posting some interesting updates to the old standby mode, I thought it was time to put a handful to the test. The following hoodies have been tested for ten months. I wore dozens of different styles to get here, from high-tech softshells to sturdy hemp sweaters, and in the end I won the candidates down to simple cotton or cotton hybrid pieces. Why? Because even though I had a 32-gallon plastic container filled with dozens of hoodies, I kept putting them on. All of them fit easily into my day-to-day life and worked for everything from running to family walks.

The test


I’ve run at least twice in each of these hoodies. One was a stroll in the stroller, which likely included a park game and a donut-eating session with my three year old daughter. The other was a one hour trail run at forty degrees and about 1,000 feet in elevation. I also carried these over to a training track in my garage doing burpees, pushups, and kettlebell cleans and presses.

user friendliness

Not only did I use the test hoodies as my sweatshirt of choice for months, I also played them more focused usability Test by wearing each piece for a full week and taking notes on its characteristics.


During my mobility and usability tests, I took notes on comfort details and slept in each of these hoodies for at least one night in order to then record my thoughts about them.


In addition to almost a year of wearing it, I washed and dried each hoodie ten times and noticed how well they held up.

The Winner: Tracksmith Trackhouse Sweatshirt ($ 98)

(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

I can wear this hoodie more than any other item of clothing. It’s simple and perfect. The fit is sporty without feeling restrictive, and the ribbed cuffs and waist have helped them move with my body rather than booting up while burpeeing, cleaning, and throwing kids. There is a 4-inch strip of ribs from armpit to waist that improves arm mobility. This made this hoodie the most comfortable hoodie for sports activities. Those details on the sides also added a low key hit that looked nice but wasn’t noticeable. Thanks to small details like a small pocket in the kangaroo pouch that fits my iPhone11 well, it was very functional, especially for listening to podcasts while chasing my daughter around. After all, the 80 percent cotton, 20 percent polyester weave was smooth on my skin and felt even more after a few washes. Plus, it doesn’t show any signs of pilling or shrinking a year later.

Runner-up: Patagonia P6 Label Uprisal Hoody ($ 79)

patagonia-uprisal_h.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

Patagonia must have used some type of alchemy to create the Uprisal Hoody. Ninety-five percent of the raw materials are recycled (every hoodie used Almost 15 plastic bottles and almost a pound of scraps of cotton) which must have resulted in good karma as this garment moved like a dream and was the most comfortable of the test. I spent days in it – falling asleep in it, waking up and spending the day in it and falling back asleep in it – without complaining, a result of his moderate weight and incredibly smooth feel. It also offered a lot of stretch, although it looked the same as the 100 percent cotton hoodies of my youth, and didn’t hinder my movement during my runs. The wrists barely pulled down on my arms when doing burpee and didn’t tighten on my back when doing pushups. It did not get pill through the washes and it did not lose shape during the long period of testing.

Best for Workouts: Full-Zip Prana Cardiff Fleece ($ 99)

prana-cardiff-Hoodie_h.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

In hindsight, it feels a little unfair to put a hoodie made of more advanced materials on a cotton hoodie test. But that mix – 55 percent hemp, 25 percent recycled polyester, and 20 percent Tencel lyocell – felt so much like fluffy brushed cotton that I didn’t know the truth until I looked at the label months after wearing it. This hoodie dressed up nicely with jeans or pants and felt like a running jacket with its incredible stretch. It moved so well while jogging and exercising that I grabbed it to work out on days when I was supposed to test other items. It was very comfortable on my skin and the full zipper made for good temperature control. My only complaint is that the waist pills after a handful of washes.

Best in Town: American Giant Classic Full-Zip Hoodie ($ 118)

american-giant-hoodie_h.jpg(Photo: Sarah Jackson)

Made entirely in America and sourced from sources, this hoodie is a beautiful piece of clothing and engineering. It is made from 100 percent cotton and has a ribbed waist, side panels and cuffs exercise testing. The arms rode less than two inches up during burpees and kettlebell presses, and they never felt too restrictive during a run. While this rib aided mobility, the lack of stretch in the fabric was noticeable on both longer runs and push-ups. My wife liked this sweatshirt best: “You look like a rich man who works in tech – in a good way,” she said. The extra length at the hem was slim and the tailored cut made it look less casual. Two oversized pockets and an incredibly sturdy and smooth zipper gave it high marks in ease of use. It was very comfortable, especially after a few washes, and looked little different on the outside after the tenth load. I have a feeling it might be ten more years.

Main photo: Sarah Jackson

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