Our favorite everyday men’s t-shirts for the summer

You’ve probably heard that Steve Jobs wore the same thing every day. He didn’t want to waste time thinking about his clothes to spend more time on his inventions.

I’m not a Steve, but I totally agree with his approach. By simplifying my wardrobe, I can get my work day or adventure done faster. For Steve it was turtlenecks. But here in New Mexico, where it’s much hotter than the Bay Area, everything revolves around the simple and reserved T-shirt.

There are thousands of teas out there. To help you choose your next reliable tea, I’ve rounded up my seven favorites.

Free Fly Flex Pocket ($ 50)

(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Monday through Friday from nine to five
Size range: S to XXL

The flex pocket made of bamboo, polyester and elastane wicks away sweat just as quickly as my favorite running shirt, but thanks to subdued colors and a mottled pattern, it looks good enough to be able to play sports in the office. The four-way track moves with me when I hike or commute on my bike, and the bamboo construction gives the flex an overwhelmingly soft and comfortable feel on the skin that I enjoy wearing for hours.

Prana Crew ($ 29)

Summer-T-Shirts-prana_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Your wallet
Size range: S to XXL

If I were to really imitate Steve Jobs, I would just buy ten of these shirts and call it a day. The crew consists of 60 percent organic cotton and 40 percent recycled polyester. It’s nothing special, but comes in almost a dozen colors and is beautifully cut so it looks great on any body type. And at that price, the crew is so affordable that if I ruin one it doesn’t hurt too much to buy a replacement.

Wave Hemp ($ 36)

Summer-T-Shirts-wellen_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Weekend depends
Size range: S to XXL

Patina is not something you would normally associate with a t-shirt, but this t-shirt develops a nice sheen when it shrinks. That’s because the hemp, which makes up more than half of the fabric, is extremely durable so you can abuse it and the shirt will tell its own story over time. Hemp also requires less water to grow than traditional cotton, so the tee’s ecological footprint is relatively small. The waves are easy, but not grumpy. It’s my absolute weekend shirt and always goes well with shorts and sandals.

Patagonia P-6 Label Pocket Responsibili Tea ($ 40)

Summer-T-Shirts-Patagonia_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Protects the environment
Size range: XS to XXL

This shirt is the “Patagonia” piece of all Patagonia equipment I have ever owned. It’s made from 100 percent recycled materials, including four plastic bottles and less than half a pound of scrap cotton. According to the company, this building uses 96 percent less water and produces 45 percent less CO2 than a conventional cotton T-shirt. It’s a medium-thick and easy-to-carry item that I regularly packed for road trips or carried around the house when I want something simple and reliable.

Taylor Stitch the Heavy Bag ($ 45)

Summer-T-Shirts-Taylor-Stich_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Cool weather and gardening
Size range: S to XXL

Most t-shirts will last a year or two if you wear them regularly. I expect this to last a whole decade thanks to a design made from extra thick, 8 ounce upcycled cotton and recycled polyester. It’s so well done, in fact, that it took me a couple of heels to get used to the thicker material. This garment is not suitable for hot days in the desert or the south, but I think it is an ideal layer for mild days in the mountains, the Bay Area, or the Pacific Northwest. I’ve used mine for everything from gardening to climbing to cutting trees and it hardly shows up.

Ginew Naasagó Forward Movement ($ 44)

Summer-T-Shirts-ginew_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Rocking a meaningful graphic tee
Size range: S to XXL

Ginew is a Native American clothing brand owned by Amanda Bruegl and her husband Erik Brodt. This shirt is a collaboration with Corey Begay, an artist from Diné (Navajo). Begay, who created the design, says that the tribal word naasagó roughly translated means “the action of moving forward”, which is represented by the bear moving forward from day to night, across the ground and under the sky. The glasses on the bear represent modern culture (and are also regularly picked up by Begay, since he also wears glasses).

Capricorn 24 Hour Short Sleeve Crew ($ 88)

Summer-T-Shirts-Capricorn_h.jpg(Photo: Jakob Schiller)

Best for: Battle odor
Size range: S to XL

Not all merino shirts are created equal. Some feel worn out after the first few washes as the wool doesn’t take much wear and tear. The 24 hours, on the other hand, were a champion. It’s great at wicking sweat and combating stink. It was durable and still looks pretty new after days of use and a couple of times during the spin cycle. The price tag hurts a bit, but all you really need is a good wool t-shirt. Ibex offers the 24 hours in seven fun colors.

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