Our Gear Man’s Black Friday Deal Picks

Equipment sales are all over the place this week thanks to Black Friday, but finding something you know will stand up to your adventures can be a challenge. I believe this is a good time to pull the trigger on an item that is handy and that you would otherwise have bought, whether it sold or not. To help you get this quality gear during hand-to-hand combat, I scoured listings to find products that I personally tested and approved.

GSI Outdoors Microlite 1000 Twist water bottle ($ 35)

(Photo: Courtesy GSI Outdoors)

Deal: 25 percent discount

On offer: November 27th to 30th

Why i love it: This water bottle took the clear victory in my last test with insulated water bottles. Due to its light weight and fantastic thermoregulation, it is a smoker’s offer, even at full price. It was also the cheapest of the seven I’ve put head to head. To quote myself: “It is almost never clear that the lightest and cheapest product also has the highest performance, but the Microlite 1000 really has it all.” With an additional 25 percent discount, you get a high-performance drinking vessel at an unbelievable price.

Honey stinger waffles ($ 18 for 16)

Gear-Guy-Black-Friday-Picks-Honey-Stinger1_h.jpg(Photo: Courtesy Honey Stinger)

Deal: 20 percent discount with voucher

On offer: November 20th to 30th

Why I love her: These sweet bites are so tasty (and not filled with scary additives) that I use them as both fuel for myself and dessert for my family. Unlike some bars, they are light, easy to eat and extremely easy to digest.

5.11 TacTec plate carrier (USD 200)

fitness(Photo: Courtesy of 5/11)

Deal: 25 percent discount

On offer: November 24th to 30th

Why i love it: I don’t think I need to elaborate on the benefits of efficient training Equipment in our currently locked area. The right thing Adds a layer of much-needed pain to your home bodyweight exercises – and the resulting endorphin high. While the TacTec looks bad, its padding is soft and diminishes The discomfort that comes with exercising with 40 extra pounds attached to your chest. It also fits damn well and prevents chafing. I tested last year and still wear it during my garage stretches and on mountain running routines when I want to punish myself as stress-free as possible.

Body Glove Red Cell 5/4/3 / wetsuit ($ 500)

adventure(Photo: Courtesy Body Glove)

Deal: 20 percent discount

On offer: November 27th to December 1st

Why i love it: Surfing was my entry into outdoor sports. I surfed high school at least five days a week but then fell in love with rivers and mountains as a young adult. That finally got me to Ashland, Oregon. My wife and I live here about two hours from the ocean, and although it is usually very cold in this part of the Pacific, I still surf relatively comfortably thanks to the Body Glove Red Cell 5/4/3 wetsuit that I tested for the Holiday Gift Guide last year. Hollow fiber hexagons line the suit, allowing it to rinse with cold water while retaining body heat. The design is pretty technical, but the result is simple – it makes the suit warm and comfortable on my skin. While a five millimeter wetsuit is likely way too much for most Surfer in our country, the Red Cell is also available in thinner versions.

Brickell Daily Defense face lotion ($ 32)

Gift guide(Photo: Courtesy Brickell)

Deal: 25 percent discount

On offer: November 23rd to 30th

Why i love it: I’ve been using Brickell skin care solutions for over five years and this face lotion is my number one choice. I find that all of Brickell’s products do their job efficiently – my face feels clean and my skin feels great, without much fuss or fancy smells. I love this particular product because the sun protection factor protects the aging face, which I created over a decade as an outdoor guide. It also relieves skin inflammation.

Bee’s Wrap ($ 18 for three)

Gifts(Photo: Courtesy Bee’s Wrap)

Deal: 20 percent discount

On offer: Now through November 30th

Why i love it: My family has used Bee’s Wrap to replace plastic wrap for years. To quote younger Joe, “They’re malleable and sticky enough to keep cheese stones fresh, and easy to clean with cold water and soap.” It’s amazing how many uses you can get with these pieces of wax covered fabric can. I personally hate the taste of plastic wrap too, and Bee’s Wrap doesn’t flavor the foods it covers.

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