Out of doors manufacturers be a part of forces to type ‘The Widespread Wild Initiative’

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16 different outdoor brands have come together to protect and preserve public land. They call their efforts “The Common Wild Initiative”.

From hunting to skiing, we are all in nature together. Now brands from every corner of the outdoors have come together to fund The Common Wild Initiative. And everyone donates 100% of the profit to the new guideline. Every brand will sell Common Wild Merch on their websites to promote the idea that nature is a unifying factor for everyone.

Activities echoed by Marken include hunting, fishing, packrafting, backpacking, skiing, camping, biking, and mountaineering. And First LiteFord Van Fossan wrote a final message for the initiative that gets to the heart of the matter.

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The Common Wild Initiative: Op-Ed by Ford Van Fossan

It is no secret that our country is divided. But amidst the political rancor, tainted friendships, and party lines, the protection of wildlife and wild places quietly brings Americans together.

The Great American Outdoors Act – one of the most important nature conservation laws for decades – passed both Houses of Congress with broad support from both parties and was signed into law by the President on August 4th.

Meanwhile, the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska, threatens the world’s largest remaining sockeye salmon run. However, it has been criticized by such diverse figures from across the political spectrum, including Tucker Carlson, Donald Trump Jr., Joe Biden and Jane Fonda. These voices seemed to move the Army Corps of Engineers Replace roadblocks for the project in a recent decision.

Outdoor Recreation: An Economic Boon


Red or blue, city or country, old or young, Americans appreciate nature. And this passion shows in the size of the outdoor leisure industry.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimated that outdoor recreation in 2019 represented 2.1% ($ 459.8 billion) of current US gross domestic product (GDP) in US dollars. From recreational vehicles to trail running shoes, Americans are paying an impressive amount of money to go outside.

All of these expenses are based on America’s ability to enjoy wildlife and wild places. And of course there is no external trade without an outdoor area. Therefore, outdoor recreational businesses have a vested interest in conservation that goes beyond the diversity of the industry and beyond your typical citizen.

A new collaboration is based on common ground

Mean wild merchCommon Wild gear can be purchased from all brands involved in the effort

And in this dynamic, the Common Wild Initiative was born. A coalition of various outdoor companies has put both competition and differences aside to raise funds to protect what keeps them in business and fuel the passions of their customers and employees.

On December 3rd, these companies began selling a collection of limited-edition Common Wild branded items. All profits will be donated to the conservation group (s) of your choice. Partners and competitors, gunsmiths and mountain bike makers, come together to support conservation with one voice and show the world that protecting the great outdoors can bring all Americans together.

We can argue about who can run, snowmobiles, and hunt where and when after preventing the forest from being paved. Despite the different desires of the various demographics of outdoor recreation and the industries that support it, we believe that those who value the outdoors are more similar than different. The Common Wild Initiative will push this idea through while collecting donations for those who work for nature conservation.

Go to CommonWild.org to learn more and to support this project.

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