Outwell Prime Air household tents for carefree household tenting

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Outwell has updated its popular Prime Air collection to introduce four new family tents that offer style, comfort and some great practical features.

All new Outwell tents offer the optimal balance between quality, performance and functions that are perfect for comfortable, carefree camping, and enjoy an elegant color of the embossed Outtex 4000 Select fabric, which complements the light, airy interior and thanks to the pre-curved Rigid Air System is enhanced by tubes and supported by vertical front walls to maximize space and headroom.

It is easy to set up as each tube is inflated independently. It is further simplified with the addition of Outwell’s Guywell and Lite floating pegging systems. Stability in strong winds is improved by positioning the Guyline attachment points around the improved frame of the Rigid Air System. They all ensure that a properly pitched Prime Air tent can withstand a 9-force storm.

Safe living is achieved through features such as glowing types that are easy to spot in poor conditions and at night to prevent accidental stumbling. And the dangers are further reduced by the Easy Access System. This allows the base plate to lie flush with the floor on the D-shaped doors, which can be safely folded up when not in use and tucked to the side with the corresponding anti-bug mesh panels.

Particular attention was paid to ventilation. Large mesh panels behind all tent doors with the exception of three-zone, mesh panels under the windows and the rear ventilation system create a gentle flow of air to help control condensation. Dark interior curtains also allow the air and light in the premier bedroom to be fine-tuned for sleeping comfort.

The Premier bedrooms also feature the Dark Inner design, which now benefits from a dark flysheet panel on top and the award-winning Quick & Quiet Inner Doors. This has also been adapted for use in three-zone tents. The new Quick & Quiet Access has a magnetic lock so as not to disturb other campers when switching between living areas.

Other features include new high-performance double zippers on the outer doors for even easier operation, tinted windows to reduce solar radiation while preserving privacy and the view, foldable curtains with multiple positions, sewn-in floor system and hook rail system for cutting hanging points.

Outwell Oakdale 5PA

Outwell Oakdale 5PA Outwell Oakdale 5PA £ 1,049.99

The Outwell Oakdale 5PA is a three-zone tunnel tent that offers great flexibility with three zones: front wet room, living room with wing lounge and a bedroom for five people in a two / three configuration.

The wet room is a versatile area perfect for a wide variety of activities, such as: B. a protected life outdoors in the shade, the storage of wet or muddy objects or the preparation of food.

Outwell Birchdale 6PA

    Outwell Birchdale 6PA £ 1,099.99  Outwell Birchdale 6PA £ 1,099.99

The Outwell Birchdale 6PA This two-zone tent offers huge living space thanks to the massive, extended canopy, which enables sheltered living for an experience close to nature. Sleeps six in a three / three shared bedroom.

Outwell Pinedale 6PA

Outwell Pinedale 6PA £ 1,169.99 Outwell Pinedale 6PA £ 1,169.99

The Outwell Pinedale 6PA The tent offers six people a similar flexible setup as the Oakdale 5PA, but with a three / three configured bedroom. Ideal if your family has a lot of space.

Outwell Sundale 7PA

Outwell Sundale 7PA £ 1,279.99 Outwell Sundale 7PA £ 1,279.99

The Outwell Sundale 7PA is a truly monumental three-zone tent for seven people in a two- / three- / two-bedroom shared, perfect for larger families.

The model-dependent optional equipment includes a universal extension that offers a protected life in the open air with side walls that can be opened completely for versatile protection. Footprints and flat-woven carpets provide additional protection, comfort, and easy maintenance.

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