Perfect For Journey, Lola’s Home Mix Espresso Baggage

We always jump at the chance to try new coffee, so read on to find out what we thought when we took Lola’s House Blend coffee bags down to Cornwall with us…

What is it?

Lola’s House Blend from The Speciality Coffee Company

How much is it?

From £5

Tasting notes

This is a dark roast, a blend of Sumatra Gayo, Brazilian Arabica, and Indian Robusta with a smoky flavour.

Lola's House Blend Coffee Bags

What we thought

We’re huge coffee fans here at Camping with Style, so it’s always great to get to try something new. As well as drip coffee (which is ideal for travel), we also like coffee bags and have tried several over the past few years.

Coffee bags are like large tea bags and they work in the same way. Pop them in your mug, pour in just off the boil water and leave to steep for a few minutes. They are compact, hassle-free and easy to use which makes them super versatile and particularly well suited for travel.

Lola's House Blend Coffee Bags

We took some with us on a recent staycation down to Cornwall and drank it pretty much every day for a week. I always drink my coffee black and strong and whilst Lola’s House Blend has a slightly mellower flavour than I would usually go for, the aroma was rich and the flavour was good.

I think this is a coffee that is somewhere in the middle in terms of strength and body and so is likely to appeal to a wide range of people. 6 Coffee bags cost £5, so Lola’s is definitely what I’d consider a premium coffee. The price does drop if you buy in bulk (the website is largely aimed at the wholesale hospitality market), and you have the option of buying anything from 6 bags to 12 cases (that’s 1,200 coffee bags!) on their website.

One of the interesting services that The Specialty Coffee Company provides is white-label coffee, so businesses can have their own branding on their coffee. For hotels, high-end glamping sites and luxury self-catering lodges, we think this would be a really cool touch!

Lola's House Blend Coffee Bags

Final say

Although Lola’s House Blend didn’t pack as big a punch as I usually like from my coffee, it has a nice rounded flavour that’s likely to appeal to most, and coffee bags are so easy and versatile to use, making them ideal for travel and they are head and shoulders above the ubiquitous sachet of freeze-dried sadness provided at so many hotels!

Discount Code

You can get 10% off your first order with discount code LOLA10. Shop Lola’s House Blend coffee bags here.

DISCLOSURE | Thank you to The Specialty Coffee Company who supplied the featured product to us to test. We were not paid to write this review.

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