Presentation of PRESSIO High Performance Sportswear by the founder of 2XU

PRESSIO is based on the relationship between athletes and their performance and their desire to create world-leading sportswear in a sustainable way. Jamie Hunt, former professional triathlete, co-founder and former product manager at 2XU, has created a new sportswear brand built on the pillars of performance, sustainability and ethics.

The Pressio team has scoured the planet to secure and develop the world’s first fabrications to deliver unmatched performance to the athlete, and accomplished it through working with some of the world’s leading recycled yarn developers including Unifi in the US and Aquafil in Italy.

Every yarn selection, knitting technique, dyeing and manufacturing process was carefully examined in this approach. In summary, all products are precisely designed to improve your workout and recovery without affecting the community or the environment.

PRESSIO high-performance sportswear

With new printing techniques, PRESSIO was able to eliminate the highly toxic and energy-consuming batch drying across the majority of the range and include 100% recycled fabrics in its run-specific collection. They have also cut the additional costs of sustainable production and have put together a collection that is both a product of craft and creativity and is available to everyone.

A careful supplier selection process means that only manufacturing communities become partners that are based on the high standards of PRESSIO and meet or exceed its code and additional guidelines.

The brand seeks to work tenaciously with civil society, governments, the private sector and peers to influence systemic change in labor and environmental problems in the countries they work with

Jamie Hunt said:

“No sports brand has really been able to improve and meet performance parameters in their sustainable fabrications that correspond to unsustainable options. In my more than 20 years as an engineer for high-performance fabrics, this is the range that I am most satisfied with. And we still have a pipeline of new substances in development that will raise the bar even higher.

We want to offer the athletes a sustainable alternative that corresponds to the price and exceeds the previously offered performance. ”

Prices start at £ 60 for the compression and £ 35 for the barrel

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