Primus offers free furnace repair parts for longevity and sustainability

Photo credit: Primus / Stina Hjelm

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Do you know what’s cooler than a 4 ounce backpack oven? A 4-ounce backpack oven that will last forever.

This month Primus Stoves is offering free spare parts for its ovens. Yes, you heard that right. To be more sustainable, to extend the life of its customers’ stoves and to reduce the number of materials sent to landfill, Primus offers free spare parts. This is how you can repair your oven instead of replacing it.

Primus will be offering spare parts for its products until March 31st Multifuel and Backpack stoves. Just fill out a request form and they will help you. There are no parts or service charges.

“It is something very special because it is not just a gesture of thanks from our customers, but also a sustainable approach to keep ovens running longer,” wrote Primus.

Man repairing primus backpack stove on wooden picnic tablePhoto credit: Primus / Oskar Hjelm

We agree – it’s pretty radical from a sustainability standpoint. And who doesn’t like free stuff? Even if you don’t know how to do it Repair or fix your ovenNow is the time to learn!

And don’t worry, after March 31st you can still get spare parts for your Primus stove. But it will cost you a little (between $ 5 for a single repair part and $ 35 for a set of parts). Even though it’s a few dollars, it still saves you money and keeps a stove out of the landfill.

Once you’ve learned and learned how to do oven repairs, you (ideally) never have to buy an oven again.

Get free stove parts here

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