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Every day during Pride Month, Outside celebrates a different nonprofit that makes the outdoor, yoga, fitness, nutrition, endurance, and wellness communities more welcoming and positive for LGBTQ + participants.

June 1st: Athlete Ally

(Photo: Thierry Monasse / Getty)

Proponents of equal access in all sports

For many in the LGBTQ + community, access to sport is not guaranteed. 32 states have enacted or introduced laws that prohibit participation. Elsewhere, hostile trainers and locker rooms are turning LGBTQ + athletes away and denying them the opportunity to enjoy the sport they love and benefit from the fitness, community, and other benefits of an active lifestyle.

Athlete Ally is the leading voice for LGBTQ + folx in sports. Initiatives include organizing training for trainers and teams to create safe spaces for LGBTQ + athletes; Commissioning studies to understand the unique barriers LGBTQ + people face in sport and rallying the sports community to fight against discriminatory bills that would restrict access and restrict participation.

Join the Athlete Ally community by signing their equality pledge: “To get your athletic community to respect and welcome everyone, regardless of their perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.”

Mission statement: Geber86 / iStock

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