Pure Choice Tour Reveals Definitive Wild Card Riders

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Natural Selection will be one of the greatest backcountry-based pro snowboard comps of all time. And this week two lucky athletes had the opportunity to take part in the tour.

Last December the world famous snowboarder Travis Rice announced the creation of the Natural selection tour. The tour will be the world’s first backcountry competition.

Twenty-four athletes will take part in the opening round (16 men and eight women). When the tour officials created the invitation system, they left room for two “wild card” riders to be chosen by the fans and chosen by the judges.

To apply for a wild card spot, athletes had to submit freestyle snowboard changes in the backcountry for a minute. You can watch the athlete’s changes Here and Take a look at the BIOS all tour drivers.

The wild card drivers elected today are as follows:

  • Men’s Driver: Bode Merrill, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Driver: Zoi Sadowski-Synnott, Sydney, Australia

“Additionally, [the public got to vote in] A male and a female driver will have the right to be the first substitute, ”announced the tour officials. The official one Natural selection alternatives for the first part of the tour are:

  • Alternative for men: John Jackson, Crowley Lake, California.
  • Alternative Women: Mary Rand, Narragansett, RI

The wild card drivers also receive a special benefit: Red Bull gives away $ 2,500 each for a donation to a non-profit environmental organization of their choice.

The Natural Selection Tour will air on February 3rd and 9th, 2021 Red Bull TV.

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