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The British cycling brand Rapha has just released a collection of mountain bike apparel and accessories, entering a new category for the brand that was previously restricted to roads and gravel roads.

Rapha’s performance trailwear collection is as tastefully designed as its streetwear, made from sustainable and hard-wearing fabrics. In addition to shorts, tops, seat pads, sunglasses and helmets, Rapha also announced that it will invest in advocacy initiatives as the brand continues its quest to make cycling the most popular sport in the world.

Credit: Rapha.

Raphas Trailwear MTB Collection: Trail tested test

I wore this Women’s MTB shorts for the last week. For $ 150, it’s one of five women-specific pieces in the collection, and they checked all the boxes for a great pair of shorts.

They are creatively designed, highly functional, robust and look good. The lightweight material has a bit of four-way stretch, but not so much that the shorts bulge after several days of wear.

I appreciated the lockable waist lock that didn’t open when I was driving up a hill. I also appreciated the subtle reinforcement on the knees, which appears to be a harder material than the rest of the shorts – and which have been cut to the perfect length to provide protection without getting caught while pedaling. They have also been cut to be knee pads compatible.

After all, the shorts had two thigh pockets. Both were big enough to hold a large iPhone, tools, and snacks. And I was able to put an ID and credit card in the inside pocket of the thigh pocket so it wouldn’t fall out when I opened it.

rapha's women's trail short mtbCredit: Rapha.

Great support, stretch, and looks

The waistband of women’s shorts is a great asset. It’s 3 inches wide at the back and made elastic on the inside with a structural mesh.

It had perfect compliance and didn’t stretch, causing the shorts to sag. Besides, the covenant didn’t roll. A gusset in the crotch that extends over the back of the shorts prevented them from feeling constricting despite the figure-hugging fit.

The shorts look and feel great, and the brand claims that it has redoubled its efforts to make its trail collection from sustainable materials. However, it is unwilling to be transparent and share details about the fabrics or coatings used.

For men, the collection includes almost everything you need to ride your favorite local trails, from trail shorts and cargo bib shorts to technical tops and jackets, helmets and sunglasses. Women do not get bib shorts, even though there are bib shorts. The trailwear collection also includes some collaborated non-apparel items.

Rapha trailwearCredit: Rapha.

Materials and environmental impact

My shorts came with repair patches made from excess fabric. I don’t expect them to tear, but if they do, I’m ready. Trailwear can also be returned to Rapha for free repair, which reduces the environmental impact of the shorts.

I wish Rapha had treated the shorts with a Bluesign-approved anti-odor treatment. After three trips without washing, they looked good but smelled bad. Eco-friendly odor treatment would delay washing, save water and further reduce the environmental impact of these shorts.

Shop the women’s MTB Trail ShortsShop the complete Rapha MTB Trailwear collection

“The right time” for mountain biking

From 2021, Rapha will be working with stakeholders like the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance who work locally with local communities to repair and build new paths.

Rapha also works with programs like NICA, which can train the next generation of mountain bikers in maintenance and trail etiquette – and through the use of the Rapha Foundation to bring bikes and biking into unaccessible communities.

“As tireless enthusiasts of cycling in all its forms, we’ve been inspired by mountain biking for a long time,” said Jake Rosenbloum, General Manager of Rapha MTB. “After 17 years of innovative road and gravel apparel, now is the right time for Rapha to enter the mountain bike market and we are confident that we can have an equally significant impact on the future of the sport. This is a huge milestone for the Rapha brand and we couldn’t be more excited to start this new chapter. “

Learn more about Rapha’s MTB endorsement.

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