Receives a commission for the offroading! OnX is recruiting path guides

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OnX Offroad is redesigning its Trail Guides program, which pays a select few, to add more off-road trail details to the app’s growing database.

The mapping giant onX Offroad is looking for passionate off-roaders to become official onX trail guides. Trail guides will “help expand the app’s more than 425,000 miles of mapped routes in North America,” said onX. The first trail guides program started last May, but this year onX really plans to grow.

Empower beginners off-road, help others find new ways to do it, expand the resources in your own back pocket, and get paid to do it. Sounds good? This is how it works.

Become an off-road guide

“The trail guides are our eyes on site”, explained onX. “They help us to collect selected trails and bring them to life [photos], a brief description and difficulty level that gives users enough information to be inspired to walk a trail and know what to expect when they get there. “

onX Offroad Trail Guide in a vehicle

Trail guides also help to keep all onX data up to date. OnX hires its guides to communicate changes such as washouts, closings, and variations in difficulty This is how onX can update the app. OK, OK, yes it’s a job. But it’s fun.

Some requirements:

Best of all, onX pays you numerous perks (and cash) in return for being a leader. Here are a few:

  • Free premium access to the onX Offroad app (a guide is active every year)
  • Industry discounts with over 100 brands
  • Exclusive onX equipment and loot
  • Trail guide events and gatherings
  • Submit 15 trails or more per year and get paid per submission ($ 25-100 or more!)
  • Access to overland and off-road industry exhibitions

“Every trail guide is a vital part of the onX Offroad Team,” said Chris Cordes, program manager of onX Trail Guide. “[They help] We document existing paths and back roads in more detail than any other source.

“Government data could tell us that a forest road is 4.8 miles. [but] A hiking guide can tell if it’s gravel or sand, how big the obstacles are, if there’s a stream crossing, if they have cellular service, and maybe even if there’s a nice place to fish or swim along the way. “

Would you like to explore new paths? What are you waiting for? Become an onX Trail Guide! Find out more about the rapidly evolving onX Offroad Trail Guides program and apply here.

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